Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap Date Ideas

Going out on a date does not have to expensive. You do not need to meet in a fancy restaurant for dinner in order to have a nice and enjoyable time together. No matter where your mutual interests lie, there are many alternative ideas for things that you can do on a date that are just as satisfying and enjoyable without costing you much.


why not enjoy the beautiful afternoon sun or contemplate the leaves changing colors in a park or near a lake? And while at it test each other’s food skills.

Picnics are easy and fun and do not require much, just some salads, some vegetable sticks and sandwiches and there you have an easy and quiet inexpensive date. On the plus side, spending time outside gives you the opportunity to watch others and be inspired.


Who said that dates need to involve food? Why not check out your favourite museum on the free museum night.

Museums are very educational and have a lot to offer which means you might find some common interests and topics to discuss.

farmers-market-childFarmers’ markets and fairs:

Such places usually cost nothing to enter and have a lot to offer. Together you can learn about what is going on in your community, find some interesting information, and various stores.

There is usually the option to purchase food, coffee and treats if you choose to do so.

couple-love-bikeBike Ride or a Hike:

Enjoy the outdoors and go with your date to the nearest national park for a nice hike or bike out towards the river and enjoy the sunset together.

It will give you a change of scenery and allow to spend some quality time together.

reading-book-terraceReading or Poetry Groups:

If you are into intellectual and interested in reading and poetry, you can go together to a reading group for a book you mutually enjoy, or a poet that piqued your interest.

After that you can hunt the used bookstores together.

wineWine or Breweries Tour:

You can usually find such tours at a very discounted price that will take you through some nice wineries or beer breweries in your city.

This could be a lot of fun as you try different drinks and discover your similar likes and dislikes.

exhibition-gallery-museumGalleries or Art Shops:

Spend an afternoon hopping from one art gallery to another.

Make a game out of it, pick some of your favourite galleries and visit them separately and report back to each other.

applesGo to a Farm to Pick Your Favourite Fruit:

whether it is blueberry or apples, take some time to pick your favourite fruits together.

It will allow you to get away from the traffic of the city and turn a dull shopping chore into a fun and enjoyable activity.

serene-couple-relaxingStay at Home Date:

Of course, there is always the stay at home option which allows you to recreate many dates for a fraction of the price.

Cook a nice 5 course meal, watch a movie together or give each other massages.

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