Dating: How To Decipher The Crazies

Dating: How To Decipher The Crazies

Dating can be a fantastic experience that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and even help you find your soul mate. However, not every dating experience is the same; some relationships are doomed from the outset. A great way to save yourself time and heartache is to learn how to spot the crazies before you invest your heart into the relationship. Craziness can sometimes be seen as quirkiness, but it most likely leads to incompatibility and relationship failure. Here are some signs that you should look out for.

date-couple-drink-alcoholToo Much Alcohol

Many people refer to alcohol as truth serum, because you are more likely to express your true feelings under the influence. Although drinking is completely normal and acceptable, it is important to notice signs of alcohol dependency.

Dates are always nerve wracking and having a few drinks can calm your nerves, but if you notice alcohol overindulgence, you should definitely head for the hills.

You don’t need to give you date another chance or see where the relationship goes. If they drink too much- end the relationship at one date and move on. This is wise advice that will help you in the long run and protect your heart from inevitable pain.

couple-love-datePersonal Questions

Dating is the “get to know you” stage, but that doesn’t give your date the right to ask excessively personal questions. Some things must be shared and not asked.

Your most private feelings or thoughts are not on sale and can’t be bought for the price of a simple dinner and a movie. Basic details are ideal for first dates and any pushing towards more personal questions is a sign that your date isn’t the one for you.

It is best to find someone that is respectful and wants to get to know you over time. Trust must be developed and shouldn’t be expected in the beginning of a relationship.


This is a topic that is different for every person, but if your date is too open about sex, you may wan to use your date escape excuse. If all your date focuses on is sex and sexual positions, than you may be a little over your head.

This can be a serious sign that your date may be a sex addict. That may seem like a quick leap, but it isn’t as unlikely as it may seem. Sex addiction is real and getting into relationships with these people is too risky. To protect yourself, split early and don’t look back!


Rudeness or disrespect should never be tolerated and should definitely not be accepted from a potential love interest. Even if you notice subtle signs of meanness or disrespect, this should be a red flag for what will follow.

A date won’t suddenly change their behavior, if they are rude from the beginning; chances are this behavior will only worsen over time.

It is possible to find a unique companion that doesn’t show potential warning signs of crazy. Just be on the lookout and be careful with your heart. Dating can be a scary experience.

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