Dead End Relationships

Dead End Relationships

Dating? Seeing someone for a long time? How’s that working out for you? Some dating situations span years, literally. There are couples that have been together for 5 years or longer that are still just dating. Its ok if you have a long term relationship when you are young that is not really going anywhere but you are having a good time.

When you get a little older 30ish maybe those 5 year long romances are really not the way to go. They can be time suckers. Ultimately the goal is to find a partner that is what dating is all about right? Finding someone that likes to do the same things you like to do and that has the same goals as you.

Why Do We Waste Our Time?

Every girl has THAT guy that she spent far too long with. Either she felt bad for Mr. Wrong or simply fell into a rut. We stay many times far longer than we should. We waste our time with people that are not well suited for us and we even know they are not well suited for us.

So why do we do it? The number one reason that women stay in dead end relationships is because they feel bad for the guy. They feel sorry for him because he is more into them they are into him. They feel sorry because Mr. Wrong knows what buttons to push to keep them around. Some dudes cry when you tell him it is over, no one wants to see that, so we stay.

Another reason we stay longer than we should is because of the “half a loaf is better than none” attitude. Some ladies would just rather be in a dead end relationship than no relationship at all.


The worst is the dead end relationships that started when you were very young and made life long commitment promises, you know the “ I will love you forever” when forever was until Friday night type promises. It can be hard to walk away from those relationships because you feel a little crappy that you just don’t love him. Walk you must!

Poop or Get Off The Pot

The bottom line is this if you are in a dead end relationship end it. Period. Chances are your fella already knows that this thing you two have is not going anywhere and he may be considering ending it as well but does not know how to go about doing it.

You are far better breaking things off sooner than later. Things get more and more complicated as time passes. If you know your relationship is going nowhere then get out of it!

A lot of women make the deadly mistake of doling out ultimatums to their boyfriends when they feel things are not moving forward. You do not want your boyfriend committing to something he will regret. If he is not pooping than he needs to get off the pot! Forcing him to commit will end badly!

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