Hard Rules of Dating

Hard Rules of Dating

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dating. Every emotion you feel is not governed by rules and regulations. Dating can be scary, especially if you have been through a recent break up; and particularly if it’s a bad one. Dating is not an art or science it purely an instinctual process.

The fundamentals of dating are basically to keep it simple and follow your gut. Far too often you can allow emotion to cloud your judgement. You may want to hold onto something that isn’t there for the fear of being alone.

Dating a co-worker is never a good idea as it can be a very stressful situation should the relationship not work out. There may be feelings of animosity between one or more parties and depending of the severity of the breakup sabotage can also come into play by the other party involved.

Women’s intuition is not always right, so when dating you should take it slow and weigh the pros and cons. There is nothing that says you should date only one person at a time; dating more than one person is somewhat advantageous as you get to examine multi-personalities and choose the one that is right for you. This also helps in that the person who is more interested in being with you in the long term will stick around and the ones who are only interested in a casual affair or one night stand will soon disappear.


When children are involved, dating can become very tricky. You may be a single parent or have sole custody, but whatever you do, make sure the children are first priority; they are inherently your responsibility. It is good however when interaction between your child or children and your date is amicable as it makes the decision making process less stressful.

Children can be very possessive and may resist the introduction of your new partner into their home relationship. However, it is fundamentally your choice when and how soon to introduce your new partner into your home environment.

During the dating process there may be special occasion between one or both parties such as birthdays. Don’t go overboard with gifts. Keep it simple at first but make it a special event. A dinner or gift basket wouldn’t break the bank but it will demonstrate that you have given some thought about them.

When dating, sometimes your heart gets ahead of your head. You may feel yourself becoming attached to this person and that is OK, but you should examine how that person feels about you as well. If they are spending time with you, if there is constant communication, if they disappear for long periods of time or if they only appear with they want to be intimate; all these things are indicators of if the person you are dating is as into you as you are into them.

There is no reason that a person who is interested in you should be missing for days at a time unless there are deployed.

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