Have an Awesome and Fun-Filled Marriage

Have an Awesome and Fun-Filled Marriage

Wouldn’t you just love a marriage that is blissful all year round? While every couple argues about something, it doesn’t mean you have a bad marriage. You can do things to make it awesome and prevent it from becoming stagnant. Here are some ideas to impress your husband and bring the spark back.

couple-peaceGive It Everything—There Is No 50/50 Split

When it comes to a fun-filled and awesome marriage, you both need to give it everything.

If you just give 50% and expect him to pick up the rest, you’ll get bored and he may resent you (the same can happen the other way around).

This doesn’t take a lot of effort really—if it’s a good marriage, you won’t even realise the effort that you are putting in!

happy-couple-loveBe Honest with Each Other

Secrets are one of the biggest reasons for couples breaking up. It breaks the trust that you have between each other.

Okay, sometimes you’re going to create surprises but when it comes to the big things, you need to be honest with each other. Let him know how you feel and vice versa. You’ll become better together as well as apart.

couple-kitchen-dishesForget About the World

Who cares about what other people think? Concentrate on what you think about each other. When it comes to the big decisions, don’t worry about what your parents or friends think.

Do what is right for each other. If you want children right now and are ready for them, why wait just because your parents aren’t happy about it? They’ll get over it!

couple-picnicMake a Day for Just the Two of You

It’s really easy to start taking your husband for granted. Make a day for the two of you to spend together. It could be once a week or once a month, depending on your work life and schedules.

This day needs to be just for the two of you. Turn the computer off and unplug the phone. You’re not going to miss that much in 24 hours!

couple-album2Enjoy the Differences

Life would be boring if everyone liked the same thing, right? Well, the same is the case for marriages. You’re not going to want the exact same or feel the exact same about a situation.

That’s okay. However, the big things you will need to talk about. Don’t let a gap appear. Work together on a workaround and accept that you are still two people.

couple-fall-parkBook a Holiday for the Two of You

Bring the honeymoon feeling back. Go away as just the two of you—let the grandparents spend time with their grandkids for a few days.

It could just be a weekend break where you’re both pampered or a full two weeks enjoying the things that you loved when you first met.

unhappy-mature-coupleTake Lessons Together

Have you ever wanted to learn to do something together? You may like to cook or want to learn how to dance properly.

Book some lessons and do it! You’ll have fun together and find something new and exciting to talk about at home.

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