How to Effectively Communicate in a Relationship

How to Effectively Communicate in a Relationship

Relationships come in many forms; work relationships, personal relationships and even relationships with and it can be hard to get your point across sometimes.  So, how do you discuss your feelings and issues in a relationship effectively?  When it comes to a spouse or a significant other it can be even harder to communicate because you may be concerned with hurting their feelings or not being heard.

communication-relationship-happy-coupleHow to Make the Relationship Stronger:

  • Many of us have a need to be right all of the time, I’m one of them, but sometimes it’s not all about being right or about being the stronger voice.  Sometimes it takes a stronger person to hear someone out and truly listen to what it is they have to say.
  • Try not to shout.  Even if you think that’s getting through it typically makes the situation worse.  Raising your voice only creates a lot of anger between the two of you.  Try to find other ways to get your point across in a calm and rational manner.
  • Learn about your partner.  This one is tricky for most and one reason things tend to go wrong.  If you know your partner well you will start to develop a sense for when things are wrong even without your partner speaking.  Their movements and their actions can say a lot without even speaking a word.

Sometimes we forget that it takes two people to make a relationship work.  If it’s all one sided all of the time chances are you’re going to encounter problems.  If you feel that things aren’t going well you should discuss it.  Have an open relationship with your partner and let them know what’s bothering you.

happy-couple-loveDon’t Keep it Bottled Up Inside!

  • From time to time we may be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings so instead of discussing the problem we sweep it under the rug.  That may work for awhile but eventually it will come to a head and tempers will flare.  Don’t be afraid to speak what’s on your mind.
  • When we don’t communicate issues the other person may not know there’s a problem.  Because of this they may continue on with the same thing day in and day out.  If you have something that’s of serious concern for you then bring it to their attention.  They won’t know to work on it or fix it if they don’t know it’s a problem.
  • Taking criticism well is another key to a successful relationship.  If you’re going to dish out the bad stuff that you feel needs fixed you should be willing to hear what needs to change about yourself and your actions.  It takes two to make a great relationship so be willing to work on your downfalls as well as helping your partner work on theirs.  Together you can make positive changes to help the relationship grow.

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