Relationship Deal Breakers

Relationship Deal Breakers

Many women find themselves to be in a committed relationship, yet questioning whether or not this relationship may be the most ideal place for them to be in.


Whether this means that you are questioning the antics of your significant other, or that you are unsure of your own personal feelings, it most certainly means that you should probably reconsider the position in this relationship in which you are currently sitting.

While relationships do not necessarily “ride or die” on the following suggestions, there is certainly some factors that need to be reconsidered if you find yourself or your significant other in the following predicaments within your relationship.

1. If you feel yourself straying from your significant other, whether this means that you are flirting with an individual outside of your relationship, or if an old flame has reentered your life, then there is really no reason for you to consider dragging your current boo through hoops and tunnels while you are attempting to decide what you may or may not want in your life.

If you are seriously questioning your devoting to your significant other, then it is advised that you break things up between you and your boyfriend, in order to give yourself the appropriate time to determine exactly what it is that you may want.

2. If you cannot trust your boyfriend, or your boyfriend cannot trust you, then it is likely that this trust is not going to be built, in which case, there is really no point in continuing to make one another miserable with jealousy and disloyalty.

It is certainly true that trust is something that can be not only earned-but built, but if you are having trouble maneuvering around whatever issues you may have entered the relationship with that are not allowing you to trust your significant other, then it is probably best that you exit the relationship and take the time that you may need to work through your own personal issues, past and present.


3. Infidelity is something that can certainly be worked around within a relationship, with the proper guidance of a therapist and open avenues of communication with your current significant other. However, if infidelity appears to be a reoccurring theme within the relationship, then it is advisable that you cut your losses and find a significant other that is willing to put the time and effort into creating a relationship in which they can be solely committed to you. The biggest indicator of current behaviors is that of past behaviors, so be sure to take that into consideration when faced with this issue.

Relationships can work through issues, depending upon how committed the two parties within the relationship may be. This does not mean that any of the aforementioned issues are going to be the end of you and your boyfriends steamy romance, but it does mean that you should carefully consider what is going on between the two of you in order to be sure that you are giving yourself everything that you are capable of having and deserve having.

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