Signs He Likes You

Signs He Likes You

Are you searching for the man of your dreams? Hoping that one day he’ll fall into your lap? If you’re like most single ladies out there you’re probably tired of searching for the perfect man. Don’t you wish there were signs that he was into you without you having to waste too much of your time?

faith-happy-coupleFinding the Right One!

Finding the right man can be challenging and sometimes time consuming. Occasionally we get lucky and find someone that we truly like without much effort.

It could be that we have a great personality or that we’re just sociable or like the same events but if you think you’ve found your match how can you tell for sure?

happy-couple-love-bedWhat are the Signs?

  • If a guy makes plans with you it shows he’s interested and can’t wait to see you again.
  • If he’s introducing you to his friends and family it’s a sure sign he likes you or else he probably wouldn’t let them meet you.
  • If you tell the occasional bad joke and he laughs that means he cares. Even if the joke is awful he makes a point to not hurt your feelings!

communication-relationship-happy-coupleIs He Shy Around You?

There may come a time where he might blush from time to time when he sees you enter the room. This is a great indicator that he really likes you!

Men are very different from women and most of them aren’t shy but if he stumbles on his words or his cheeks get red every time you enter the room that could mean he’s really into you.

woman-phoneDoes He Actually Call You?

We’ve all been there; we’ve had a guy say he’s going to call us and he never does or if he says he’ll call at a specific time its hours or days later!

It can be extremely frustrating and annoying but if he keeps his appointments with you then you’re on his mind and he’s probably anxious to speak with you.

camping-tent-couple-tripHe Takes Interest in Your Hobbies

Most women probably go out of their way to make a guy happy!

Chances are we’ve watching those boring action movies or sitting at a football game just to be close to someone we like but when a guy goes out of his way for you that’s a sure sign he’s hooked!

Not many men will sit through a romantic movie just for the sake of spending time with you.

couple-car-mirrorWhen He Worries About You

A man that shows interest and is genuinely worried about your welfare is very attractive and it can mean that he truly cares for you.

If he walks you home or asks you to call or text when you get home safely then you’ve found a great man!

couple-kitchen-dishesHe Listens

Listening is a great quality to have if you’re a man! Many men only want to talk and never really listen. They may say they’re listening but most of them just tune you out.

If he asks you questions and remembers the things you said the last time you spoke then you’ve found a great match that you’ll want to cherish.

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