Signs That He Has An Affair

Signs That He Has An Affair

There are always signs that he has an affair. In some cases, there can only be one sign or two while in most cases there can be more than half a dozen signs that he has an affair. Here we shall talk about the most common as well as the most obvious signs.

man-hairdresserUnexplained Changes In Appearance

Very few men experiment with their looks every now and then. Most men do not don a new look ever in their life after getting serious about his career or after getting married.

If you witness changes in his appearance then there is something more than meets the eye. It can be simple stubble, a change in his hairstyle or how he is conscious about his appearance.

They are all signs that he has an affair if he didn’t have such habits before.

couple with problemsDramatic Change In Attitude Towards You

Every man behaves in a certain way with his girlfriend or wife and every other woman, or man for that matter.

If your man’s attitude towards you has suddenly changed and quite dramatically then you have to start worrying. His attitude may change for the better or for the worse; both are signs that he has an affair.

Conflict - Woman on sofa with husband walking away on herGrowing Distance Between You Two

When relationships get old, you may spend too much time with each other because you live together and may have common interests and activities or you spend very little time each other.

Irrespective of that, if you experience a growing distance between you and he then he may be occupied with something else.

If that is work and you are sure of it then you can relax but find out if it is someone else causing the difference.

mobbingHe Displays Guilty Behavior

You do not need to know what guilty behavior is. You would know when he behaves in that fashion. Look out for signs where he is overly defensive or gets offended by the slightest of queries or inquisitive approach on your part.

See if he is trying to shower more love and doing that without his heart in the right place.

Some of the surefire signs that he has an affair are being secretive, behaving unusually in a given situation and often not offering any explanations when the situation warrants for one.

confused woman with cell phoneSporadic Absence

If you find your man missing for no rhyme or reason, being unreachable on the phone or unavailable for any of your commitments or priorities then that is certainly one of the surefire signs that he has an affair.

Sexy young couple in bed. Dissatisfaction, displeasure, impotensChanges In Your Sex Life

If you find him being more interested in sex all of a sudden or not showing the same zeal that he used to then it is time to pause and think beyond the bed. He may show obvious signs of change while having sex as well which you have to keep an eye for.

Spotting a few or all of the aforementioned signs should set the alarm bells ringing.

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