Sugar Babies: The Unfortunate Truth

Sugar Babies: The Unfortunate Truth

Many network television channels have recently shown documentaries on their networks concerning the concepts of sugar daddies, sugar mamas, and sugar babies. While many people were probably under the notion that such ideas on existed in Hollywood entertainment, it is shocking to realize that “sugar” relationships are actually being deemed a normal relationship alternative in present day society.


So, what exactly is a sugar babies? And, is the hype all that is actually cut out to be? The following will provide you with not only an explanation of the sugar culture, but it will also outline the long term results of living within the confines of a sugar relationship.

Generally speaking, a sugar baby is most appropriately described as a young individual who is involved in a relationship with an older individual, who provides them with financial stability and materialistic processions. Depending upon whether the supporter is a female or male, they are then given the title of either a sugar mama or sugar daddy.

The term “sugar” is generally affiliated with the monetary backing that these individuals provide to their “babies”. There is generally a pretty significant difference in ages between the two individuals who are within the relationship, adding an additional level of taboo to this already skeptical scenario. While many people frown on such relationships, those involved will generally tell you that it is 100% genuine, and that the money is not actually the foundation for their commitment. But then there comes an alternative side to this already interesting story.


In the future, sugar babies are generally not equipped to manage themselves, their families, or their finances. There have been a number of case studies which have proven that these individuals have no stable career or future, having earned their income through an individual with whom they were supposed to have feelings for.

Many of these young men and women have reported that following the end of a sugar baby and sugar mama/daddy relationship, they are left with nothing, monetarily, no longer have their significant other in their life, and have not developed the skills necessary in earning an appropriate income through salaried work. Later in life, it has proven that sugar babies are unable to function appropriately in the world in which they reside, unless, of course, they are able to continuously loop themselves into these types of relationships. Unfortunately, though, looks fade and people cannot cease to age, which will be the demise of all that a sugar baby has built their foundation upon.

While all of this may sound a little bit difficult to believe, you can reference the numerous documentaries and case studies that have been researched and provided for the general public, all of which do nothing more than to vouch for the unfortunate truths that have previously been stated. Want some advice for the future?

Do not get mixed up in a sugar baby and sugar mama/daddy relationship, as it will only prove to hinder your capabilities in the long run.

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