The Best Sex Options for a Lazy Night

The Best Sex Options for a Lazy Night

He wants sex but you just want to go to sleep. There are times that you just don’t want to do the work involve in this. If you’re in a lazy mood, you don’t have to simply put up with it or make him upset. There are a few positions that are perfect. You can benefit from this activity in many ways and let him do all the work. Here are some of the best options for that lazy night.

The Basic Missionary Position

There’s no need to get too adventurous. The basic missionary position, where he is on top, is perfect for these nights. If you’re worried about it doing nothing for you, you could place some pillows underneath your bum and lower back. He will then hit all the right spots.

You on Top but He Does the Work

You could even go on top without having to do the hard work. Get him to move in and out, while he holds onto your body. He could even move you to where is best for him. It’s another simple position that means no adventure and a very easy, lazy night.

Don’t Take All Your Clothes Off

There is something about the half-clothed love making. It makes it seem like it needs to be quick but passionate, and this is perfect if you’re in a lazy mood. It could even feel quite dangerous, boosting the passion between the two of you. There are different ways to do this, but you can involve it in the missionary position. If you’re planning this, make sure you wear something that is easy to hitch up or move out of the way for access.


Watch a Dirty Movie Together

Foreplay is sometimes the most tiring part. If you’re in a lazy mood, you just don’t want to both with all that. The best way to get you both ready for a night of passion is to watch a dirty movie together. There are different ratings depending on whether you want mild or hardcore material, but all could really help. It’s probably that you’ll only get a few minutes in and be ready for a night together.

Get the Toys Out

If you want the foreplay to go quickly so you can get into it, get the toys out to play. There are various options available and you could build up a good collection. Choose things together and avoid scaring one another with new items. This could also turn into a good foreplay session when you’re not in that lazy mood.

Use Some Lube

You don’t need to have foreplay if you don’t want. However, you want it to be comfortable, so invest in some lube. There are different brands but as long as it helps to avoid the friction you will be fine. Use it on both of you; you could even make it part of the short foreplay before you really get into your lazy night together.

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