The Things Your Man Is NOT Thinking About

The Things Your Man Is NOT Thinking About

All men think about sex, sports and wish that you were sexier, right? You may be surprised to hear that your man isn’t thinking about those all the time. There is more that goes on in that brain and you may be happy to hear about some of the things. It will also help to avoid arguments over smaller issues.

cleaning-blindsHow You Do Everything Around the House

Whether it’s folding the laundry, a certain order for the washing up or generally tidying the house, when it comes to chores, he isn’t thinking about how you’re doing things.

He has his own way and you can’t expect him to change that. Accept the way that he does it, even if it does annoying your controlling personality.

arguingThat He Doesn’t Care During an Argument

Men will likely be silent for a period of time during an argument. This likely really infuriates you as you believe that he doesn’t care or want to have this discussion.

That isn’t the case. The majority of the time he is listening and processing the words you are telling him. It takes him time to do this and he can’t multitask like you can.

stomach-fatThat You Have a Lot of Physical Flaws

You may have scars from acne on your face or a birthmark that looks like the devil on your back. He doesn’t care about that and he doesn’t think about it all the time.

Men know that their women have flaws because they have them. If they do spot them and mention them, unless you point them out, they have their own insecurities and are trying to make themselves feel better. He will compliment you, so thank him for them if you want them to keep coming.

ex-girlfirend-photo-manHis Ex-Girlfriend

Unless you mention her, there are slim chances that he is thinking about his ex-girlfriend and he won’t compare you with her. Of course there are times he’ll reminisce on the past but you are his present and he wants to make it work.

The only men who compare are egotistical and controlling; they want you to feel inferior and aren’t the men you want in your life.

woman-money-income_The Amount of Money You Spend

So you’ve paid $100 on a pair of shoes. He’s not going to question that, unless you do have a serious financial problem between you.

When he does mention it, it isn’t because you’ve done something naughty; it’s because he’s worried about your finances. After all, isn’t that why you mention your spending to him?

couple-flower-loveThat Last Argument You Had

That last argument may be on your mind but he’s already forgotten about it, especially if it was days or weeks ago. He thinks it’s over with and you’ve moved on.

He won’t use it against you in a future argument. He wants to know what you feel and then have the chance to process it—and vice versa. After that, he’ll be happy to move on.

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