Things You Should Never Say to Your Ex-Boyfriend or Husband

Things You Should Never Say to Your Ex-Boyfriend or Husband

Just after a breakup, the emotions will run high. You’ll want to say all sorts of things to hurt him, especially if the breakup is his fault. However, you don’t want to burn bridges. You never know when something you say will come back to hurt you. Here are the worst things you could possible say to an ex.

My Sister Never Did Like You

It’s common for sisters to not like a boyfriend; mothers, friends and cousins are the same. They may even say that they never liked him in the first place. There’s no need to tell him that, no matter how much he hurts you. It’s not going to hurt him but he will view you as someone petty, ganging up on him.

My New Boyfriend Is Better Than You

You may love to rub it in his face about your new boyfriend but it’s not going to get you very far. Not only will he think you’re pathetic but he’ll feel sorry for your new boyfriend—you’re obviously comparing him with this new boy in your life. If your new love finds out, he’s going to be hurt that you’re using him as a way to get back at your ex.

Want to Come Over?

There are pros and cons to hooking up with an ex. If you both know that you want nothing to come from a hook up then it could be beneficial until you both get new partners. The issue comes when one of you expects it to go further and maybe try and get back together. If you want to give it another go, it may be worth mentioning it and talking about whether that would be possible instead of playing these games.


I Saw What You Said on X Site

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or another social media site, don’t assume that everything he says is about you. He will use social media to rant but unless your name is in the post, he may be talking about someone else. Don’t jump to the conclusion and don’t mention it to him. It makes you seem insecure, needy and a bit of a stalker.

I’ll Be Your Shoulder to Cry On

While you may both still be friends, being his shoulder to cry on is not going to be good. That’s especially the case when it comes to the breakup with you. Once you move on from the breakup, you could go back to being the best of friends. It’s less likely to bring up difficult feelings that you just don’t want to talk with him about.

I Regret Everything About Our Relationship

You may feel that right now but give it a few months or years and you will likely see the good and the bad. Even the bad will give you something to learn from to help avoid mistakes in the future. Don’t tell him you regret everything; you’re not criticising him but the choices you made.

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