Tips for Dating After a Divorce

Tips for Dating After a Divorce

Whether the divorce was just last month or 10 years ago, it can be hard for some women to move on. If you have children, they will always be at the back of your mind. However, you do deserve happiness and a life after a divorce. Here are some tips for moving on and getting ready to date again.

divorceMake Sure You Are Over Your Ex

You don’t want to spend the whole date thinking about your ex husband. If you’re not over him yet, it’s not time to start dating seriously. You want to find people to have fun with and maybe casual relationships if that is your thing.

There will always be the odd things that make you think of your ex but you shouldn’t want to compare everything.

confident-womanBuild Your Confidence

It’s possible that you need to build your confidence before you start dating again. There is nothing wrong with that. Get a new haircut, try out new makeup and go shopping.

This isn’t just helping to build your confidence but is getting you ready for that first date that you have. If you have older children, they may be able to help get you back in the pond.

party-womanGet Yourself Out There

There’s no point hiding behind your front door. You need to get yourself out there. Arrange nights out with the girls, socialise and simply get yourself out of your house.

Unless you’re on the dating websites, you are not going to find anyone from your home. Even on the dating websites, you eventually need to put yourself out there.

Online-datingConsider Dating Websites for the Divorced

There are now websites specifically for those who have been through a divorce. You may even find dating sites for single parents. The benefit of these is that others will be in the same situation.

They will understand your feelings and your fears. They are more likely to accept any children you have and whether you have an ex still in your life.

woman-phoneLet Your Ex Know

It is worth letting your ex know that you are going to start dating again. He may be looking at you for a sign that it is time to date other people or he may be around too much at the moment and this is his cue to step away.

This will depend on the type of ex-husband you have. Those who are jealous and possessive may try to spoil your future relationships if you tell him.

mother-daughterSpeak to Your Children

Make sure your children are happy with this. If they are young, you will need to explain what it means for them. You could explain that you are dating but don’t expect anything serious to happen.

Teenagers often find it the hardest but they may surprise you. If the divorce was your husband’s fault, they may be ready for you to get back into the dating pool and even help you get ready. They can also be a better judge of character to make sure you choose someone suitable and worth your time.

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