Tips for Planning a Special Date for Your Man

Tips for Planning a Special Date for Your Man

It’s not just women who like to be surprised. Men love it too. They like when the women in their lives treat them to something special, plan a date or just buy them a present to say they love them. Stuck for ideas about the type of date you should plan? Here are seven tips to help you find something that will surprise the man in your life.

cooking-together-kitchen-coupleTurn Your Dining Room into a Restaurant

Cook a meal and create a restaurant in your dining room. You can create a menu, put out fancy candles and even bring a taste of another country.

This could be a great way to surprise your partner about a holiday you have booked (use the country as a theme for him to guess) or just as a special treat.

dancing-coupleGo for Dance Lessons

Dancing is not just for girls! There are many men who would love to learn to dance and this could be a great date idea. It will burn energy and let you both have a laugh together.

There are plenty of places that organise fun lessons for couples, whether one-on-one or as a group.

You can then arrange dinner afterwards to eat the calories you burned.

couple-picnicGo for a Picnic

Take your food outside and have a picnic. You could take a trip to the local park or just do it in your own back garden.

If it turns out the weather is bad that day, do your picnic in the living room or in the bedroom! You will be able to have fun and enjoy each other’s company with no other distractions.

couple-natureSpend Some Time in Nature

Enjoy nature together. This is often very romantic and a great surprise – especially if you’ve never been keen to do it in the past.

You could opt for a trip hiking or go camping for the weekend to really make it a special occasion. Fishing could be another option to sit back and relax.

comedy-show-theaterSee a Comedy Show

Have a laugh on your date night and do something a little different with a comedy show. Be willing to take it if the comedian decides to focus on you though!

Many of these shows have a bar close by and some even have dinner involved, depending on the type of show.

It’s a good laugh and will give you something to talk about over dinner afterwards.

beer-breweryTour a Brewery

Definitely something different, right? Brewery tours are fascinating and you are bound to learn something new.

They also give you the option of having a drink at the end, often included within the ticket price, and then you have the rest of the day together.

carnival-maskTake a Trip to the Carnival

There are so many things to do that people tend to forget about. Treat the man in your life to the carnival and go on the rides.

Don’t worry about the prices for one night and just enjoy your time together.

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