Tips to Move On and Forget About Your Ex

Tips to Move On and Forget About Your Ex

That previous relationship can stick out in your mind. It doesn’t matter why you broke up or who did the dumping, it can be hard to get over relationships. The problem is that this stops you getting back out there and will affect your future relationships. You need to move on and forget about him right now. Here are some tips to do just that.

relax-womanHave Some “Me” Time

Don’t rush straight back into dating. Spend some time alone and enjoy some “me” time. You could go to a spa and have that pampering weekend that you’ve always dreamed about.

You could spend some time with your girlfriends. If someone you’re interested in does come your way during this time, don’t shrug him off but don’t go actively searching for him.

woman-phone-textingStop Picking Up the Phone to Him

The only way to forget about your ex is to stop contact with him. Delete his number and get rid of his address. If he calls or leaves a message, ignore it. You need to move on, remember.

Being in contact with him is just pulling you back to the past. If he still has some of your stuff but you don’t really need it, consider leaving it at his and buying replacements.

women-friends-partyMeet Up with Friends and Family

Now is the time to get in touch with friends. They can really help when you want to forget about someone else. Tell them about the breakup and that it’s time to move on.

When you do start talking about him, make sure they steer the conversation away so you’re not constantly dragging yourself back into the past.

woman-gardeningFind Love in a Hobby

Pick up a new hobby or do something that you used to love to do. You’ll have plenty of time now that you’re not with him.

It may be something that he didn’t like you doing or that you were embarrassed to tell him about; either way, pick it up and enjoy your time alone.

woman-holiday-beach-seaGet Away for a Holiday

Being in a relationship is tiring. You’re constantly thinking about too people and it can be stressful. The breakup may have been really hard.

And then there is your general working day and life thrown into the mix. You deserve a holiday. Find a couple of friends or siblings and get away for a week or two.

woman-musicListen to Your Favourite Music

Sounds can help bring back memories but they can also help you look to the future.

Listen to some of your favourite music, dance around the house and picture your life without him. Remember that it is what you make it so it can be better.

woman-breakupRevisit the Reasons for the Breakup

When you start thinking about him, focus on why you broke up. If you did the breaking up, why? Were you growing apart? Maybe he did something wrong.

If he did the breaking up, he probably gave you a reason. Focus on that. This not only helps you get over him but stops you making the same mistakes in the future.

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