Tips to Tell Him that You Love Him

Tips to Tell Him that You Love Him

When you know you’ve fallen in love, you want the whole world to know. You want to be able to tell him but there is often the fear of rejection. Many women start leaving subtle hints but men don’t get them! You need to be outright. Here are some tips to make telling him you love him much easier.

love-you-memo-noteWrite It Down for Him to Read

If you’re worried about telling him, write it down in a letter and send it to him. This will be something for him to keep in the future and is a nice way to remember your time together.

You won’t see his reaction, which takes some of the joy of telling him away but you won’t see if he’s about to reject you, either! Get ready for that phone call or text afterwards.

happy-couple-loveWait Until He’s Happy

Try not to throw this on him when he’s had a really bad day at work or there have been troubles at home. Tell him when he’s happy.

This way, you will both be able to enjoy the moment more. This is a big step in your relationship and you want him to receive the news at the best time possible. He needs to feel secure so he can tell you too.

romantic-date-parkPick a Place that Is Romantic and Means Something

If you’ve decided to tell him face to face, find somewhere that is romantic and means something to the two of you – yes, men like romance too!

This could be where you met or where you spent your first date. You want to find somewhere private so you’re not interrupted by passers-by and make sure both of your phones are off.

woman-gift-boxBuy Him a Gift

Men like gifts too. Buy him something to be able to mark the occasion. This helps to set up the conversation too so that you can tell him you love him.

Get him something that he will enjoy, even if it isn’t the conventional “romantic” gift. This shows that you really know him.

woman-thinking-smileThink About How to Say It

Do you just jump in with “I love you” or should you say it a different way? It may sound silly saying it for the first time so you need to find a way that is comfortable for you.

This will help you relax when the time comes to get the words out.

wellness-spa-coupleDon’t Expect Him to Say It Back—and Tell Him That

People develop feelings at different rates. He may not be at the same stage as you, which is where the fear creeps in. Instead of feeling scared about how he’ll react, take the pressure off by not expecting him to say it back.

Either say something like you think he should know how you feel or outright say that you don’t expect to hear it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

couple-talking-exerciseLet Him Talk to You

Men want to communicate too. If he’s ready to say it, he may just not be able to. Listen to him and encourage him to share his feelings.

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