Topics to Never Bring Up on a Date

Topics to Never Bring Up on a Date

Dates can be very exciting. It is often a lot of fun to get to know the other person and explore your varying and similar interests, until a certain topic is brought up and then off goes the so far interesting and promising date and all you are left is awkward silence. Here are a few topics better left unmentioned at a first date.

ex-girlfirend-photo-manFormer Boyfriends and Partners

From the other person’s perspective there is no valid reason why you would mention your ex and it really either shows that you still haven’t gotten over him or that you really dislike him, both impressions that you do not want to make on a first date.

university-student-notebookWhere Did You Go to College or University

Unless your date mentions going to college, do not ask this question.

Despite university education being very popular these days, there are a lot more people than you think who didn’t go to university but are equally successful and capable of conducting a proper conversation.

Asking such a question could be intimidating and signal that you value a university degree more than the knowledge the person has.


This topic is generally very sensitive as it is. Mentioning your views on marriage on the first date shows that this is something you are considering in regards to the person you are with, otherwise why would you mention it.

Remember, even though a first date can lead to marriage in the right circumstance, it is a very farfetched goal at a first date.

smoking-drinking-alcohol-blondeHistory of Addictions or Mental Health

Even though you might have your condition completely under control, bringing this up to someone you barely know could be very triggering and uncomfortable.

Even unintentionally and irrationally, your date might feel threatened or unsafe due to the social stigma around those topics. You do not want to share such sensitive information with people you do not know anyways.


Know your means before you pick the date. If you cannot afford a high end restaurant, have a picnic or go to a café, but never bring up the subject on the first date.

Mentioning that you are broke on a first date especially to someone who is in a better financial standing makes it look like you are after the money.

stress-worry-headacheDaily Problems

Or any problem for that matter.

The last thing you want is to come across as a whiny and unsatisfied, everyone has problems in their work and the commute traffic is not exclusive to you.

couple-dateWhat He Thinks of You

Never ask your date what he thinks of you?

It comes across as very needy and desperate for attention, two things no man would want to date.


Many couples have sex on the first date and that is perfectly fine.

However, bringing the subject in conversation in the first date can be a turn-off to many people and make you come across as easy, despite the hypocrisy.

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