Types of Men to Avoid

Types of Men to Avoid

When you’re searching for Mr. Right you’ll probably come across a few Mr. Wrong’s. Many of us know the type of guy we’re looking for but when it comes to finding them we tend to go with the wrong guy. So, why is that and why aren’t we more prepared for the men we want to avoid in our lives?

man-shaking-fingerThe Man That Knows it All

A knowledge man is attractive but when it comes to telling you what’s best for you and your life can be a major turnoff.

You know the type, they have known you for about an hour and they think they can tell you what type of job is best for you and where you should be headed in life.

This type of man is a no, no for most women so if you find one cut them loose before it’s too late!

angry-coupleConstantly Trying to Change You

These men are a no from the word go! If a man doesn’t like you for who you are and what you currently have to offer then they’re not right for you.

While we all strive for better things in our lives and to be successful it should be a personal goal you set for yourself and not something that’s required in order to maintain or fulfill a relationship.

couple-troubleThinks You Should Do For Him

Some men are stuck in the 70’s where the women stays home and cooks and cleans and doesn’t have a job but has ten kids.

If that’s the kind of man you’re looking for then I’m sure there are plenty of them out there but for most of us modern day women, a man who thinks that because we’re female we should be cooking and cleaning just isn’t attractive.

angry-man-phoneTries to Limit Your Friends

Men who think that they can pick your friends for you are totally annoying and not worth much effort.

You should be able to be friends with whomever you choose and if they can’t be happy for you then you should cut them loose immediately.

unhappy-mature-coupleConstantly Brings You Down

If you enjoy an occasional silly television show or book or even music and your new man constantly pokes fun then you should consider cutting him loose.

A real man wouldn’t judge you or make fun of you for the types of things you enjoy or like.

You should search for a man that’s fun to be around and knows how to be silly from time to time but not at the expense of your feelings.

man-planning-tablet-phonePlans Your Day

You definitely don’t want a man who tries to map out your entire life. If he puts you on a schedule and expects you to follow it then he’s probably controlling and lacks confidence in his own life.

You shouldn’t be expected to conform to his ideal girlfriend and you should get out of this relationship.

quarrel-fight-coupleHe Puts Down Your Accomplishments

Any man that can’t support you and your achievements isn’t worth the time and effort.

If you’ve just done something great in your life that you’re proud of an all he can do is bash you for it then you shouldn’t let that negative into your life.

Cut the ties and move on; there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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