Ways To Be More Affectionate Towards Your Husband

Ways To Be More Affectionate Towards Your Husband

In any relationship men have almost always been known as the unaffectionate one in the relationship. For whatever reason there are some men that just have trouble expressing their emotions or being affection. In today’s society the gender lines and roles of a relationship are not as black and white as they used to be. In fact, in some relationships it is perfectly normal for the man to be the romantic and affectionate one while the woman is not as emotional. Believe it or not the man in your life is no different than you are. They like getting attention and compliments just like you do.

role-playBe Playful

Who cares how old you are or how many years it has been since you were in high school? There is nothing wrong with playing and around and bringing out the playful side of your husband.

You should just try leaning in and giving him a playful bump on the shoulder to see how he responds to it. The goal is to be gentle and playful.

couple-together-holding-handsHold His Hand

Anytime you are walking together you should make an effort to hold his hand. It does not matter if you are walking around a store or walking along a beach, sometimes it just feels good to hold hands with the purpose you love.

Furthermore, you should never be afraid to gentle pull his arm over your shoulder and pull him closer.

caress-face-coupleCaress His Face

The gentle touch of the person you really care about is enough to send a tingling sensation through your entire body every single time it happens. The next time you are gazing into his eyes gently caress his cheek.

Typically, this move is followed up by a gentle kiss. If he does not take the hint and kiss you, there’s nothing wrong with being aggressive. Just lean in and plant one on him.

massage-couple-manGive Him a Massage

Show your man how much you care about him by offering him a back rub. After all, there is nothing that tells your man how much you appreciate him more than a firm massage.

Keep in mind, you do not need a special occasion to give him a nice rub on the back.

cuddling-love-coupleDo Not Forget About Cuddling

A lot of women make the mistake of assuming that they are the only ones who enjoy cuddling. The truth is that your man really loves when you curl up next to him or lay parts of your body on him.

Cuddling is very therapeutic and a great way to relieve stress. Cuddling is also a great time for you and your husband to communicate. Ask him how his day was or what he has planned for the rest of the week. It is also a great time to discuss any problems you might be having as well.

When you are in a relationship it is important to remember that men need affection too. They just are not always as good at asking for it as women are.

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