What Not Being Married Says About You

What Not Being Married Says About You

Once you reach a certain age, marriage is something that is almost expected and not being married signifies that you are different from the norm. Some people see this difference as a positive, but others can see the avoidance of marriage as a sign that there is something wrong with you. Be confident in your decisions and realize that what others think about your life doesn’t really matter.

runaway-brideWhy Aren’t You Married?

If you are a single women, you have probably heard this phrase on more than one occasion. It is often followed by attributes that make you marriage worthy like, smart, funny pretty and successful.

Many people seem to think that it is impossible to have these attribute and refrain from marriage, but they are sadly mistaken. In today’s society marriage isn’t quite as common as it once was, but it is still considered the norm.

Although men can remain unmarried without much stigma, it is more difficult for unmarried women. Women can sometimes get a stigma associated with not being married at a certain age.

woman-relaxing-outdoorMarriage Isn’t For Everyone

It is important to know yourself and know what you are most comfortable with. Some women aren’t sure that they ever want to get married or are simply looking for the right partner to come along and sweep them off their feet.

The magical fairytale isn’t quite so magical and that is why many women choose to focus on their careers and wait for marriage. You should never feel pressured into marriage simply because you want to be seen as desirable to others.

A ring doesn’t automatically make you an attractive companion.

couple-together-holding-handsNot Being Married Simply Means You Are Not Married

Many people see not being married as a sign of some flaw, but not being married really signifies nothing about you.

If you are not married there doesn’t have to be some overriding reason other than you aren’t ready for this level of commitment.

Once you reach a certain age without marriage, it is natural to have fears of inferiority or immaturity, but marriage is not some type of litmus test that can be given to label you normal or fully functioning.

Not being married should carry no evidence of some deep issue.

couple-fightMarriage Doesn’t Mean You’re Happy

Sure, you can be happy and married and some women want to be married, so that will make them happy, but you don’t have to be married to be happy.

Marriage shouldn’t be the end all factor dependent on worthiness or happiness. You should be able to achieve a level of self-fulfillment first.

couple-marriage-weddingWhat Is Marriage

Marriage is often termed a bond between two people, unconditional trust, the merging of two lives and commitment, but it is not a deciding factor of normalcy.

Although marriage is incredibly common, it is not a rite of passage or proof that you are lucky that someone chose you. Therefore, if you are not married it only means that you are not married, nothing else.

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