When To Give It A Second Chance

When To Give It A Second Chance

“If it’s meant to be it will be,” is a common saying in regards to love and relationships. This advice is probably more true than you realize, but it wouldn’t exist if second chances in love weren’t possible. Sometimes the end of one relationship is the beginning of another, but sometimes it is only a short-term break that is meant to strengthen your bond and define your commitment. However, knowing which relationships are worth salvaging can be difficult. Here are some signs that you should give love a second chance.

love-hug-couple-handsDeeper Connection

Love is flighty term that doesn’t really describe the deep connection and bond that can grow between two people. If your relationship was deeper than just butterflies and affection, than it may be worth saving.

If you have a real connection that is based on similar interests, it is best to not give up until you are sure that all is lost.

love-couple2It Ended Too Soon

Just like anything, sometimes you give up on love too soon. For many different reasons, many couples split without really giving the relationship a shot.

Before you give up, it is best to make sure that you have made every effort to make it work. If your relationship still doesn’t flourish, then it probably wasn’t the real thing anyway.

love-couple-flowerHe Is making An Effort

If the relationship is worth saving, you will know it by his actions. If he deeply loves you, it will be apparent in the way that he tries to get you back.

If you are hurt over something that he did to cause the split, his actions can be a way for him to redeem him self and show his true feelings. Hurt is a fleeting feeling that can be repaired and fix if he is willing to put in the effort.

love-coupleFeelings Are Still There

After a breakup, there is always a period where feelings remain, but if this time frame is extended, that may mean that it is a relationship worth saving. If sparks still fly and love endures, it is definitely a connection that is wroth a second chance.

Real love isn’t something that can be recreated easily, if you have a real connection it is worth the work to make the relationship last. However, before you make a decision on the fate of your relationship, you need to honestly evaluate your real feelings.


Children can complicate a relationship, but they can also strengthen a bond. If children are a part of the relationship, it is worth the effort to give love a second chance.

Not only is your relationship at stake, but also the wellbeing of a child. It is best to do everything possible to make it work.

couple-elegant-dateYou Tried Dating Others

If you tried to move on but couldn’t, that is most likely a sign that you should give love with your ex one more shot.

Sometimes you need to date others to truly appreciate what you once had.

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