Why He’s Not the Man for You

Why He’s Not the Man for You

When you start a new relationship, everything feels great. It all feels right and you think that this is the man for you. However, after a couple of months the honeymoon period comes to an end. His full personality comes to light and he may seem like a completely different person. This is when you can tell whether he’s the right man for you. Here are some tips to tell that he’s not the right guy.

argumentYou Can’t See Him in Your Future

When you think about your future, whether it’s in five years or even 10 years time, is he a part of it? If you can’t see him in your future then he’s just the person for “right now” and not Mr. Right. You may have had the same view of the future for some time and it can be hard to move away from that view so question yourself if there is a place for him. Does he fit with your plans? Is he supportive of moving out of the country, if you want to?

distrustYou Can’t Trust Him

When he goes out with his friends, do you trust that he will come back to you or are you constantly worried that he will cheat? Can you tell him your darkest secrets? These are signs of trust. If you can’t trust him now then ask yourself why. If you have been hurt in the past, it is easy to let it cloud your judgment but make sure it is just that. If it’s something that he’s done, it isn’t as easy to get past.

avoid-conflictYou Want to Avoid Conflict

All couples have disagreements. A couple that says they’re constantly happy is lying. The truth is that you are two different personalities coming together as one. While there is a need for compromise, you both need to do it. If you find yourself giving in so you can avoid conflict all the time, he’s not the right man for you.

stress-womanYou Can’t Turn to Him

All women should be able to turn to their partner for support, whether it’s because they have had a bad day or because something big has happened. If you can’t do that or you find that he brushes your problems off whenever you try to talk to him, he won’t be someone to help you in the future.

sexual-problemsYou Don’t Find Him Attractive

While personality means a lot, if you’re not physically attracted to him it makes it harder for there to be a physical relationship. It may be better for the two of you to be close friends for the long term, instead of partners. The last thing you want is for your marriage to feel like you’re with your brother!

quarrelHe Doesn’t Respect You

Whether it’s your thoughts, your wants and dreams or your personality as a whole, if he doesn’t respect you then you shouldn’t be together. It isn’t possible to sustain this type of relationship. The same applies if you can’t respect him – he isn’t the right man for you.

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