Why It’s Okay to Fight Now and Then

Why It’s Okay to Fight Now and Then

You’re in a loving relationship with someone, but every now and then you fight over something. The good news is that this doesn’t need to be the end of the relationship. In fact, the odd fight could be good for your relationship. Here are some of the reasons why it’s okay to fight.

You’re Both Different People

Just because you’re together, doesn’t mean you’re the same people. You have different goals in life, different dreams and different opinions. Every now and then you will have disagreements over something. It could be a small thing like where to eat for dinner or it could be more serious. Fighting is a natural stage of disagreements when you’re both so passionate about your differences, but you will find a compromise eventually.

Clear the Air Between You

couple-fightHe may do something that annoys you or vice versa. You may try to pretend to be okay with it, but deep down it is getting to the two of you.

A small fight is enough to clear the air between the two of you, get it all out and then start from the beginning. You may even have something that happened years ago still bother you and you need to air it out before it goes on any longer.

It’s a Normal Part of Being Human

There’s nothing wrong with being human. You love each other and at times you can’t stand what you’re doing. Of course, in a good relationship the former is more often than the latter.

It’s perfectly normal to fight, and you both need to accept it. That doesn’t mean you should be fighting all the time! You also need to compromise and work together in times of problems.

It Can Save Your Relationship

Strangely enough, arguing can save your relationship. It shows just how passionate you are about something and each other. Sometimes fighting is a sign that you’re fighting for something and not against it!

If you’re not arguing and disagreeing and you’re letting everything pass on by, it’s a sign that your heart is no longer in it. You have become complacent and that isn’t enough to live together.

Arguing Helps With Compromising

couple-fight3You know you need to compromise on things, but it doesn’t mean you know where to start. When you’re fighting, you start to see where you need to compromise on something.

You find out which parts are precious and you cannot give in on and the areas where there is leeway. As you spend more time together, you’ll find that the times of arguing is lessened because you know more about each other.

You’re Sort of Communicating

Arguing is sometimes the first stage of communicating. You’re trying to get your feelings across, whether it’s anger or passion for something.

However, eventually, you need to figure out a way to communicate without raising your voice. This can take longer, but it is possible. As you stop shouting, you’ll be able to listen to each other.

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