You Can Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

You Can Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

It is possible for a long-distance relationship to work. There are plenty of couples who do it, whether they are serving soldiers or have to travel a lot for their work. The trick is to following a few tips that they have. These can involve talking regularly and enjoying every minute of being together.

kiss-couple-love4Why Are You With Him

The distance is hard and you may feel like you are missing out on a lot. When he’s away and your friends are out dating, you may feel like you’re left out of the crowd.

When you get these feelings, make a list of the reasons why you’re with him. What do you love about him and what wouldn’t you change for the world?

woman-phoneSet Times to Talk Regularly

Talking often is so important when you are away from each other a lot. This doesn’t need to be on the phone. You could set up a video link to chat every now and then and talk on the phone in between.

You could even email! There are so many forms of communication now. Whatever you do, set up times that you can talk when there are no distractions or need to get off the phone quick.

working-home-woman-computer2Plan Time for Just the Two of You

When you’re together, you don’t have to do everything. In fact, spending the day on the couch watching your favourite movies could be perfect for you.

The next time he’s home (or you’re home if you’re the one who travels), plan a day to just spend in the house as the two of you. Forget about the world around you—it can wait!

couple-argue-quarrelAvoid Making Assumptions

The lack of body language does lead to assumptions. Avoid making them and trying to read between the lines. Not getting an email back right away doesn’t mean he isn’t interested.

Something could come up at work. Soldiers can sometimes go days without communicating if they are away from their main camp!

happy-couple-loveBe Spontaneous

Do something fun and spontaneous. You don’t need to wait until he is home. You could fly out to see him, if that is possible for you both, or you could send a special package to him.

He’ll know that you were thinking of him and will love you more. It is often a great way to show why the distance is worth it after all.

couple-goodbye-trainDon’t Try to Guess Who Has It Harder

You both have it hard for different reasons. He may be away fighting the enemy and missing his family while you’re sitting at home wondering what he’s doing. If you have children, it just adds extra difficulties for you both.

Don’t try to guess who has it harder—neither of you will win. Accept that this is difficult for him as well as you and he misses being at home. You will be able to enjoy more of the time that you spend with each other when he is back.

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