7 Signs You’re Becoming a Facebook Stalker

7 Signs You’re Becoming a Facebook Stalker

Are you guilty of stalking your ex? Maybe it is that friend who you’re not quite friends with anymore. Many women don’t consider themselves as a stalker until they look into their actions. Here are seven signs that you’re becoming one. Stop the craziness today and get on with your life.

facebookYou Have to Know the Latest

You spend all day on Facebook catching up with the latest from your victim.

You want to know the latest status update, the new pictures and the people he or she chats to. You don’t care about anything else going on but you have to know that!

Angry-woman-computerYou Look Someone Up on the Site as Soon as You Meet Them

Once you meet someone new, you have to find them on Facebook. You want to know everything about them and their previous relationships.

You need to know the conversations they’ve had and use Facebook as the way to know more about their likes and dislikes.

You end up knowing everything about them without having more than one conversation.

woman-secretYou Know Things That You’re Careful Not to Say

You’ve found a juicy bit of information on a profile page or through a comment. It’s a great conversation starter but it is clear that you’ve been spending way too much time on their page.

Because of this, you think you need to be careful who you share it with so they don’t think you’re creepy.

facebook-glassesYou Find It Easy to Find Anyone

It doesn’t matter if you have their name, know what they look like or their profile is set to as private as possible; you will find them! This is a clear sign that you are a stalker and are a big problem.

However, your friends all know you’re awesome at finding someone and will ask you to locate a person on the website.

woman-computer-angry-annoyed-pulling-hairYou Know When Someone Is Going to be On

You know the times that people are going to be on the site. You can predict when a person logs onto chat and when they will disappear— and you log on just to make sure you “catch them”.

This is a clear sign that you have spent way too long looking through the dates and times of posts from people’s pages.

stalker-woman-windowYou Know What Is Happening In Everyone’s Lives

You know when your friend went out for dinner. You know when there has even been an event. It doesn’t matter what has happened, you know all about it from the Facebook updates.

Sure, people shouldn’t spend so much time on Facebook that they put the information on there but they don’t expect someone to stalk them!

computer-surprised-womanYou Know as Soon as Someone Unfriends You or Leaves Facebook

You spend so much time on the website that you know as soon as someone leaves or unfriends you. It doesn’t matter how many people are on your friends list, you will know all their names and see as soon as someone has left.

For normal people it would take weeks to realise that things aren’t showing up in a newsfeed and then work out who has left!

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