7 Things to Avoid Posting on Social Media

7 Things to Avoid Posting on Social Media

It’s probably difficult for you to imagine your life without social media. Our friends, our family, are all within easy reach every day through these networks, and talking to them has never been easier. However, some posts can cost you friends, reputation – and in some cases, your job – even if you had good intentions. In order to save face online, there are several things that you should never share on any social media site.

drunk-woman-bathroomWeekend Misadventures

If you’re single and have your work profile linked to your Facebook, your misadventures may be seen by the wrong person.

While your personal time is your own, posting tipsy escapades or less-than-flattering bar crawling pictures may make your boss think twice about giving you more responsibility or that upcoming promotion.

While it’s okay to cut loose on the weekends, don’t flaunt it online.

gossip-workInformation About Your Company

While most social sites allow you to showcase where you work, posting specific information or company business is never a good idea.

Never mention coworkers by name on your social media, complain about people publicly, or badmouth the company.

Even if you think your boss or coworkers can’t see it, posts like this always seem to reach them anyway, and it may mean your job in the end.

mother-daughter-girlYour Children’s Names

If you share photos or cute stories about your kids, you should never reveal their real names or any other information, such as what school they attend.

This is an open door for online predators who might live right in your neighborhood. If they learn your child’s name and school schedule, it’s easier for them to lure them into a dangerous and potentially tragic situation.

couple-quarrelFamily Drama

There’s an old saying about airing one’s family business in public, and the same holds true today. Taking private family issues to your social media, even if it’s just to vent about it, can have drastic consequences.

It could cause massive arguments within the family and you might lose the trust of your parents, siblings, and other family members.

woman-money-computerFinancial Issues

While most people have money problems, it’s a bad idea to discuss such things on a social network.

Without realizing it, you might give away information that will make it easy for online criminals to steal your identity. Never mention your bank by name or what services you use.

woman-wc-toiletteSpecifics About Bodily Functions

It’s hard to believe that people do this, but with so much social media available, people get addicted to posting and think that their followers want to know everything about their lives, right down to their bathroom habits.

In order to avoid a backlash of complaints, avoid posting about things that you would never discuss with anyone but your doctor. As much as people may enjoy your posts, they don’t want to know about that mysterious rash on your buttocks.

woman-computer-signInsults or Trolling

Going to someone else’s blog or site with the intent of insulting them publicly is not only childish, but it can cause a great deal of backlash.

If you’re angry at someone, deal with them directly instead of calling them out or calling them names on their Facebook.

If the wrong person sees the post, it could result in you getting attacked by a number of people who want to defend their friend or family member.

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