Email Etiquette: How to Act Through Email

Email Etiquette: How to Act Through Email

Most businesses and individuals use email on a daily basis. It’s a great way to send out information quickly and know that someone has received it. However, there are things that you will have been taught at school that still apply now. Be courteous with your emails and you won’t annoy others.

Business-woman-work-computerWatch Out for the Reply All

This is a big no-no, unless you really need to send out that mass message. Avoid replying to everyone just because an initial email was sent to the whole office.

Your colleagues don’t need to know what you’re telling your boss and vice versa. The only time the reply all is really needed is when you’re the project manager or part of a team and you’re giving a project update (for example).

searching-internet-computerDon’t Write in a Sarcastic Manner

You may be sarcastic in nature but that doesn’t come across in words. Don’t write something in a way that is meant to be a joke.

You come across as mean, unemotional and it could get you in a lot of trouble. Simply reply truthfully. If you really want to make that sarcastic remark, say it in your head!

train-work-computer-woman-transportWatch Out for That Bcc

The Bcc is a way to add email addresses in without others knowing. It’s great if you’re doing a mass email to people who don’t know each other. However, it can really get you in trouble.

For example, if you Bcc someone in when you’re moaning about something, the Bcc could hit the reply all and the real person can find out all about it. Do you really want to risk that?

Freelancing-work-computerFocus on Good Spelling and Grammar

Most email has spell-check so use it! Good grammar in emails will go a long way. It shows that you are professional, which helps your boss see that you are good for the company.

Poor grammar, especially when dealing with a customer, can lead to complaints that you just don’t care about your job. It can also stop you getting a promotion or even getting that job in the first place!

hands-laptop-computer-writingDon’t Use the Uppercase All the Time

Capital letters when used in a whole word of phrase indicates that you are shouting. Don’t use it! Instead, to emphasise a word, opt for bolding or underlining it.

This will make the word stand out in a good way. All capital letters are also really hard to read.

smiley-emoticonSkip the Emoticons

You don’t need to add emoticons to your emails. Keep them for your friends and family members if you really must.

When it comes to business emails, you need to come across as professional as possible. Just because your manager uses them, doesn’t mean you need to.

woman-computer-stressHave a Signature

You need to include a signature into your email. This should have your name, title and contact information—whether a website, email or telephone number. Some people will also include an address.

This helps others find other ways of contacting you should they need an immediate reply.

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