Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Phones are bigger and do more than ever. However, the battery life can be extremely short. That week-long life that you used to get is now 48 hours if you’re lucky. There are things you can do though to extend your battery life so it doesn’t die while you’re out.

mobile-appsClose the Apps Not in Use

When you open an app, it will run in the background until you close it. Pressing the home button is not enough, because they will still run in the background.

You need to close the apps, however your phone does it (different systems work differently).

twitter-facebook-linkedin-phone-appWork Out Which Apps Drain the Life

You can find out how much life the apps are using. The first thing to do is go into the settings and work out which ones use up more power than others.

You can then minimise the amount you use them, so that you stop draining the battery as much.

phone-sale-shopping-notification-appStop the Push Notifications

Some apps ask if they can send push notifications. While they can be useful for certain situations, that is draining your battery life.

This could also be the reason for using more data than you want to because they will constantly be connected to the internet during this process. You can go into the settings of your apps to turn off the push notifications.

phone-app-gpsStop Using Location-Based Apps

Location-based apps are similar to those needing push notifications. They will drain your battery and use up your internet allowance. Turn off the location allowance as much as possible.

You can turn the allowance off and then back on for the short time that you really need to use it. When it comes to travelling try to limit the use of maps as this is very bad for battery drainage.

phone-mail-text-smsThink About the Fetching Limits

You can control how often apps fetch data, such as emails being sent to your phone. Try to limit the amount that you allow apps to do this, as you will be pushing the battery power each time.

When you do this, also think about the app. You can change each app individually to make sure it is optimised for each one.

bluetooth-buttonTurn Off Your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

You don’t need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected all the time. This could be dangerous too, especially when it comes to Bluetooth.

When you’re in an area where you need neither, make sure they are turned off to save your battery power.

You can always go into the settings to turn them on now and again. If you use the web all the time, keep your Wi-Fi on. Trying to find a cellular network will also run the battery down.

woman-phoneLower the Brightness on Your Phone

While you may want a brighter phone, it is running your battery down. Keep it as low as possible.

You can choose to put it on energy saving mode, especially when your battery gets to a certain point, to limit the use.

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