How to Get the Most out of Your Tablet

How to Get the Most out of Your Tablet

If you have recently purchased an iPad or other kind of Wi-Fi tablet, you may already know how much it’s capable of and how it’s functional for both work and play. However, to get the most of your tablet, there are several options and features that you should use for increased functionality and fun. Here are seven ways to turn your tablet into an all-in-one mini data and media center that you can take on the go.

woman-tablet-pcTake Advantage of Offline Features

Your tablet doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet in order for you to enjoy it. Store e-books and magazines for when you have down time.

Software such as Calibre allows you to turn almost any document into a readable item that can be accessed through a reading app.

woman-tablet-pc3Rotate Your Games

You will enjoy your tablet more and become less bored with the gaming apps if you rotate the number of game apps you keep on your tablet.

Don’t forget to skim new apps about once a week, and don’t be afraid to try a new type of game in order to challenge yourself. Many games can also be played offline.

woman-keyboard-hands-workBuy a Keyboard

Buying a keyboard for your tablet turns it into a mini-computer that rivals almost any notebook out there.

Most small wireless keyboards cost between $30-$70 and will allow you to type in word processing applications. You can then save your work or email it to yourself.

woman-tablet-pc-musicInstall a Streaming Music App

While most tablets allow you to download and play music, adding a streaming music app, such as Pandora Radio, will give you free access to tons of free music and hundreds of music channels.

While you will need an Internet connection for this function, you will never have to worry about becoming bored with your everyday playlists.

woman-tablet-pc2Don’t Forget the Simple Features

With so many apps and games to choose from, you might forget about some of the simpler features that come installed on your tablet.

Set alarms so that you can break up work tasks during the day in order to get more done or set daily reminders for taking medication, appointments, or for when it’s time to pick up the kids from school.

Use the calculator and world clock as teaching aides for young kids.

woman-tablet-pc4Organize Your Finances

You can organize your household finances with your tablet and save money by avoiding expensive software that does the same thing.

Many banks are developing their own apps that allow you instant access to your account so that you can transfer money or view your balance.

Remember, however, that you should never store passwords or account information on your tablet in case it becomes lost or stolen.

woman-tablet-cookingPlan Meals

There are many apps available for your tablet that allow you to discover new recipes, count calories, and find healthy recipes for the family.

Use the note taking feature to write down ingredients you’ll need for the next time you shop. Your tablet is more than worth what you paid, but only if you realize its full potential.

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