Keep Your Children Safe Online

Keep Your Children Safe Online

The world is a dangerous place. That is made even harder when it comes to the online world. You never know who you are really talking to and whether you can trust them, especially when meeting someone for the first time. The problem is children tend to be trusting. You need to keep your children safe online with these top tips.

mother-baby-computer-internetTalk to Your Children About the Internet

Make it clear to your children that the internet is a dangerous place. You don’t want to scare them, but you need to make it clear that people can do bad things.

It is worth talking about what they already know about the internet, and what they should do if there is any sign of danger.

social-mediaAsk Them to Inform You About New Social Media Websites

Children want to connect with their friends, especially as they reach the teenage years. Most social media websites have a minimum age of 13 to sign up, but that doesn’t stop younger children doing it.

That doesn’t mean you can sit back and let them. Ask them to inform you of new social media websites that you are signing up to, so you can help keep an eye on them.

Daughter-mother-computer-internetAsk Them to Check with You

It’s all about building trust. Whenever they get a friend or game request, ask your children to talk to you about them. This will let them know that you are just looking out for their safety.

You can click on that profile and discuss how they know them. If they don’t know the person in real life, stop them from accepting a friend request, and explain the dangers.

boy-computer-internet-childPut Parental Blocks on Web Pages

It is possible to prevent your children accessing certain websites. Use the parental blocks that are available on your computer to do this.

Bear in mind that tech-savvy children will eventually find a way around these, so you will need to discuss the issue of trust with them. However, it will work for those too young to understand everything.

online-violence-bullyingTalk About Online Bullying

The dangers don’t just come from the unknown. They can come from people they already know in person.

Online bullying is becoming a major problem. Whether your child is a victim or the person doing it, you need to discuss the matter with them.

Encourage them to block anyone who is bullying them and report it to an adult. If they are the ones doing it, explain how it is no different to offline bullying and that you will not tolerate it.

children-mother-computerTalk About the Material Online

Children get curious and they can use the internet to answer their questions. However, the material online is not something that will be suitable for them all the time.

You need to discuss the different stuff that they could come across, including pornographic material, and explain why you do not want them watching it. Talk to them on a level suitable for their age.

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