Make Every Blog Post Do Well With Readers

Make Every Blog Post Do Well With Readers

More and more people are turning to blogging. Some people are doing it to bring in more money into the home, while others do it to compliment their business. Whatever reason you’re doing it for, you need to make sure that every blog post is read, shared and followed. That requires a little more work than just putting together any piece of content. Here are a few tips.

doughnut-coffee-computer-officeBe Honest and Genuine in Your Posts

Don’t think you have to lie to target the right audience. If you do need to lie, then that audience is not suitable for your blog. Even telling the slightest of lies will get you caught, and when that happens you will lose your following for good. Remain honest and genuine with every single post. Your readers will feel more of a connection with you and want to read more.

working-woman-office-stairs-computerTell a Story

Start your post with a story, and make sure it links with the topic of the post. Don’t go all the way into the story, just share the problem you faced or the question that a friend had. Then you can go into the solution. There are high chances that your readers are going through something similar, and they want to know that you have really gone through it all. People also like stories and will read it to the end just to find out what happened.

computer-office-work-womanCreate a Catchy and Compelling Title

The title needs to draw people in. If it doesn’t, then people will move onto the next post on the list. This takes some practise, do don’t worry if you make mistakes at first. Work out what others are doing and learn from mistakes. You will soon find that your titles are attracting more and more people on Facebook, Twitter and even through the search engines. However, watch out that your compelling title isn’t a lie!

woman-working-home-notebook-computerProofread your Post

Having one mistake in a 1,000 word post isn’t going to do too much harm. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is easy to overlook that one problem. However, you need to proofread every blog post you write. This helps to eliminate all the mistakes that you’re making. There are high chances that there is more than one when you write post after post. Those numerous mistakes make it harder for people to read your posts and engage with your content.

woman-working-computer-officeAsk Them a Question

You want to get people to comment on your posts. Some people will be happy to just leave a few words to thank you for sharing your insights, but a lot of readers are actually really shy. You need to give people a reason to leave a comment. The best way to do that is ask them a question or invite them to comment on your post at the end. Your question should link to the post that you’ve covered, and could even ask them to tell you more about their experiences.

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