Tell-Tale Signs You’re a Facebook Addict

Tell-Tale Signs You’re a Facebook Addict

Alcohol addiction, drug addiction and even being addicted to sport sounds normal but being addicted to Facebook? Is that really a problem? Well, for some it is and you could be one of the social media victims. Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re a Facebook addict and need to do something about it.

woman-bed-smartphone-addictThe First Thing You Check Is Facebook

You need to know what is going on in the world so check Facebook at the start of every day.

You don’t get the news from the TV presenters and you don’t text your friends to find out what they are up to—it’s all from that one social media account. You’re also checking how many comments are left on your status from last night!

woman-smartphone-coffeeYou Have to Tell the Whole World

It doesn’t matter how small something is, you need to tell the world all about it.

Your friends have to see that meal you ate and the delicious brownies you made. They have to know all about your dieting habits, your TV shows you watch and the things your kids do.

woman-smartphone-beach-holidayYou’re Checking Facebook Anywhere

Whether you’re at home, at work or even on holiday, you have to know what is going on in the world of Facebook.

You need to share photos from your trip as you go, even though it’s going to mean a major expense on your phone bill when you get home. You can’t go five minutes without checking the social media site.

smiley-emoticonAll Your Emotions and Events Are on the Site

When people ask how your weekend was, instead of telling them you ask them if they checked Facebook lately?

It’s all on there, so why should you have to repeat it? In fact, you expect everyone in the office and your life in general to be on Facebook and be friends with you so they can keep up to date.

phone-sms-friendsYou Check-In Everywhere You Go

Facebook gives you the opportunity to check-in when you go out somewhere and you can’t resist showing of.

Whether it’s on your way to work, to a holiday or a family trip out somewhere, you need to tell your social media universe exactly where you are. You know that this is a bad thing security wise but that doesn’t stop you!

texting-phone-woman4You Can’t Even Watch a Show Without Going on Facebook

You share your thoughts the whole way through an episode of something, especially when it comes to X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and other Saturday night shows.

You have to send your condolences to the stars, even though they have no idea who you are and don’t really care about it.

Young-couple-talkingYou Use Your Facebook Phrases in Real Life

Whether it’s “hashtag…” or “lol” instead of actually laughing, you know you’re addicted when you talk in this way.

You find it really hard to separate your Facebook life from your everday life and it is really starting to show!

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