The Rules of Texting: Etiquette You Need to Follow

The Rules of Texting: Etiquette You Need to Follow

Texting is such a convenient way to send a message. You put it in writing and can easily have a conversation in private. However, there are some rules on texting that you need to follow. These etiquette rules will prevent you from getting in trouble, whether in life in general, with your parents or at work.

texting-phone-woman3Keep Your Texts Brief

People don’t want to read long essays. Mention everything you need to in as few words as possible. If you need to, split up your texts into small chunks so that people get the information a little at a time.

If the information is really that long, you need to phone the people or send an email! Long texts tend to get divided on some phones due to character limits and people may not get the whole thing.

texting-phone-woman2Wait Before Sending Again

Just because someone hasn’t answered within five minutes doesn’t mean they didn’t get your text. Leave it at least 24 hours until you send the text again or a follow up to them.

You may want to check online to see if they are there before you bother using up your credit again; you may catch them on social media, where you can have an instant conversation.

texting-phone-woman5Text to Confirm Any Plans

Just because you’ve set a date over the phone, doesn’t mean both parties will remember about it. It’s polite to send a quick text just to confirm that it is still happening.

You can also confirm the time to make sure everyone gets there at the same time. It avoids people leaving because they thought you forgot!

texting-phone-womanAvoid Sending Attachments

There’s no need to send attachments via your text. Do it via your computer instead. If you really want to send photos, do it one at a time and wait for people to respond.

Not only is picture messaging more expensive, it also takes up more space on both of your phones!

texting-phone-woman-bedDon’t Text Late at Night

Unless you know that they are going to be up and you’ve arrange this time, don’t text them when they are likely in bed!

Texting after 11pm is a no-no; some will ask for no texts after 9pm or 10pm depending on what they are doing. The same applies for morning texts; avoid doing it before people are generally awake.

texting-phone-woman4Reply When You Can

Always reply to a text, even if it is just a thank you. This is simply polite and lets the other person that you got it.

That doesn’t mean you have to reply right now. You can wait until you have a spare minute—just don’t forget to do it!

texting-phone-woman6Watch Out for Text Language

Text language hit the big during the late 90s. However, more people appreciate good grammar and spelling. This will depend on who you are talking to though.

When taking to your boss, a colleague or someone professional, stick to good spelling and grammar to make a good impression. To your friends—do what they do!

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