The Social Media Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

The Social Media Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

Whether you’re a Facebook fan or you like to share your photos on Pinterest, there are certain rules that all social media uses need to follow. These etiquette rules really are for women of all ages! They help you prevent losing friends, gain more followers for your business and create family-friendly viewing on your page.

Stop Over-Sharing Your Life

People don’t want to know what you did in the bedroom with your partner or what you last ate. That is not what social media is really for, even though you can do it. Think about the type of things you’re sharing.

Would you phone up your best friend to tell her what you did in the bathroom? Would you share those photos of the mess the dog made with your family in reality? If you wouldn’t do something in real life, it has no place on social media.

Stop Over-Sexualising Your Posts

sexy-woman-breastsPeople have a bad habit of trying to look sexual in their selfies. There is a time and place for that and social media isn’t it.

If you’ve had some professional modelling shots done, feel free to share them with your friends and followers. However, that over-sexualised selfie is not for the family-friendly audience.

It’s Not a Place to Slander

There are cases ongoing at the moment due to people slandering people and companies through social media. You really need to watch what you post.

Even if it’s not slandering and just a rant about your day, you need to think about who will read it. Your boss could find out what you really think about him and it will lead to you losing your job; and you have no leg to stand on!

Think About Your “Likes”

You’ve liked that Monsters Inc. page to tell your friends you love the movie. That’s great, but what about those bondage pages, the strip clubs and other pages that are questionable.

Remember everything that you “like” will be visible to those who are “friends” or follow you. They’ll be able to see your dirty secrets. If you don’t want them to know something, you need to hold off clicking the button.

Your Life Isn’t Private

woman-family-group-friends-phoneYour life isn’t going to be private once you post it on your social media pages. Some of the pages have very little privacy at all, while others change it on a regular basis. Think before you post.

If you don’t want something spreading all over the internet, just don’t bother sharing it with your friends on the page. Wait until you see them to tell them or share it.

Think About that Frape

If you’re a student and under 21, you likely decide to frape anyone who leaves their profile unattended and logged in. This is considered the norm with people on the site, but it can have adverse repercussions.

Think about the status you type or the things that you “like” for them. At least tell them everything you’ve done afterwards.

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