Things You’ll Never be Told by a Mobile Phone Salesman

Things You’ll Never be Told by a Mobile Phone Salesman

When it comes to getting a new phone, there are a lot of things you need to know about. You need to know the cost—whether upfront or through a monthly contract—and the benefits that you get. There are some things that you won’t find out unless you know to ask the questions. The salesmen are trained to keep the information to themselves.

sale-sign-businesswomanYou Can Get a Loyalty Discount

Instead of upgrading at the first chance you get, you could hold off for a month or two.

If you continue to pay monthly, it doesn’t completely benefit the company; they benefit by you upgrading and staying on a contract for another two years. They’re more inclined to give you a discount if you’re not too sure about whether to stay with them yet.

online-shopping-computer-cardYou Could Get Better Deals Online

Your salesman won’t tell you this but you could get a better deal online. Keep an eye out on the internet when it comes to upgrading or looking for a new phone.

If you get a call from a salesman, quickly go online to see if there is a better deal than the one he’s telling you about. You will be surprised by the amount that you could save.

phone-waterAll Types of Moisture Ruins Your Phone

You know your phone won’t last if it’s dropped in a swimming pool or down the toilet—hands up if that’s ever happened to you!—but even a room full of moisture will do it no good.

Salesmen selling insurance for phones don’t let people know about this, even though they probably should. It would be classed as water damage and many insurance companies don’t cover that!

woman-smartphone2The Warranty Policies May Not be Favourable

All phones have a warranty but not all warranties are worth the time of day. Talk to the salesman about the warranty—ask what is covered and how long everything is covered for.

The more you know about the warranty, the better decision you can make about the upgrade. The phone and deal may be great but if the warranty is useless then is there any point?

woman-music-phoneYou Can Use Your Family-Friend Minutes for Companies

Orange has its Magic Numbers and there are other companies with these types of deals. It is possible to use some of them on companies instead.

This is great news if there are certain numbers that put you on hold all the time. Consider adding those companies so you don’t have to pay in the end.

woman-shopping-phoneCheck the Insurance or Protection Plan Deals

The salesmen will often tell you that the protection plans are more than worth the price. But there is always the thought that you can get it elsewhere for less. This may be the case but look into the details of the plan.

Those from the salesmen are designed for the specific phone—those from elsewhere may not payout for the full cost of a replacement phone should yours be damaged.

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