Using Pinterest for Ideas: How to Avoid Wasting Time

Using Pinterest for Ideas: How to Avoid Wasting Time

Pinterest is full of amazing pictures and brilliant ideas. However, it’s also full of time-wasting photos that really won’t help. Unless you’re just trying to pass the time away, you want to make your Pinterest browsing count and here are some tips to help with that.

pinterestGo With One Reason In Mind

Why are you browsing this social media site? Do you want some tips and ideas for hairstyles or are you looking for wedding ideas?

It’s really easy to start looking at one thing and then switch to another because you find it on the site. Don’t let yourself do this. Go in with one reason and one reason only.


healthy-brunch-breakfast-computerKnow When You’re Procrastinating

Everyone has signs that they’re procrastinating and you need to know yours. This can take time to pick up on but once you do, look out for them whenever you’re on the site.

You want to go in to find ideas for your problem; not waste the afternoon looking at things that you can never use.

pinterest-tabletIs the Idea Achievable?

Don’t spend hours looking at unrealistic ideas. When you glance at a photo, spend a few minutes deciding whether it is realistic and achievable. You may need to look at the description for this.

If it’s not, then move onto the next idea. Spend the time only on the things that you can do or will be helpful for your needs.


mother-computer-child-laptopFollow the People You Find Helpful

Following people on the board is a great way to save time. You can follow those who have something interesting and check back later.

If you do come across something else that’s interesting, follow it and go back when you’re looking for that particular need—or when you just want to pass the time away.

woman-time-clockSet a Particular Time

Use a certain time during the day or set a time for browsing. This helps limit the amount of time that you could spend on the site.

You could choose your lunch break for half an hour or set an hour before you go to bed. Be strict with yourself and come away once your time is up.

working-home-woman-computer5Follow the Boards for Future Reference

One person may have a great board but then a lot of useless boards. You don’t have to follow that person and see the junk pictures; you could choose to just follow that board.

It’s a great way to cut down the time spent browsing, especially if you find yourself procrastinating and want to check back later.

working-woman-computerLearn to Scan the Descriptions

People will not always make the descriptions easy to read; some don’t even add them! Learn how to quickly scan through the descriptions to decide whether something is any good.

You could also look at the hash tags to determine if they help with your specific problem. If there’s nothing that will help you, move on to the next picture and forget about it.

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