What You Can Create With Instagram Photos

What You Can Create With Instagram Photos

Technological advancement and social media have transformed the way we share and exchange information and photos. With iPhones it is possible to make lasting memories at all times, which ensures that no moment is at risk of being missed. Although traditional photo sharing on Instagram or with picture frames is popular, there are other ways to create items using Instagram photos. So step away from the picture frame and find more creative options.

Drink-CoastersDrink Coasters

A practical item that makes a cool backdrop for a photo is a drink coaster. You can access Coastergram.com and digitally turn your favorite photos into round stone coasters.

You can purchase a set of four coasters for $25.00 and have a unique way to show off your favorite images.

calendarA Calendar

If you want to make your calendar more personalized, you can create a visual representation of your favorite twelve photos.

You have different calendar options to choose from between desk or wall calendars. These calendars range in prices, but are normally $25.00.

caseCell Phone Cases

With such cool gadgets, everyone carries there mobile phone around at all times. You can make your iPhone case more personalized and distinct by choosing your favorite image and converting it into a phone case cover. At

Casetagram.com you can upload your favorite pics and turn them into cases for your phone or your iPad. The costs of these cases ranges between $35.00 to $55.00.


Many moms love to show off their kid’s artwork on the fridge, but a better way is to use magnetic pictures of your children to keep their artwork attached.

At Stickygram.com you can find countless magnet options and upload your favorite photos that can be turned into cute little magnets.

mosaicA Poster Mosaic

Nothing is cooler than an awesome poster for your child and you can create a personalized poster at Postgram.com. You can turn your child into a superhero or put them in the middle of the jungle.

The poster possibilities are endless and you can even have you child use their imagination to come up with an idea. These amazing posters range in price, but are normally between $40.00 and $70.00. This is a great way to transform your Instagram photos.

cocoagraphParty Favors

At your child’s next birthday party you can add more personalization to the event by making photo enhanced party favors.

These are perfect for birthdays, baby showers or weddings.

canvasA Canvas Wall Hanging

At Canvaspop.com you can transform pictures into works of art that you can hang in your home.

This can be used to make your home more decorative and add a personal appeal. You can get a canvas wall hanging for less than $70.00, which is a great deal.

tilesCeramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are used on floors or in your shower, but you can make image tiles at Imgaesnap.com.

You can pick from your perfect images and choose where to display them. Picture frames are now just a thing of the past.

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