When to Know an Online Review Is Fake

When to Know an Online Review Is Fake

Whether you’re looking for a toy for your child, a gift for your husband or new technology for your home, you’ll likely look at online reviews. They are a great way to know whether the product or service is any good and what problems other customers or clients have had. The problem is they can be fake. There are now many companies hiring people to write fake good reviews to boost their reputation. Here are tips to know how to spot them.

woman-studying-computerIs There a Good Mix of Reviews?

The truth is that even the good companies will have a few negative remarks thrown in there. One company simply cannot please everyone.

If you see a well-known company with only positive reviews then you may want to consider if this is right.

It could be that the company has had people write these fake reviews and got them to the top so the negative ones don’t show!

interview-computer-handThe Style of the Positive Reviews

Not all positive reviews are fake; in fact, the majority will be good. The trick is to read them. Do they make sense for the product? Do they sound like a review or a sales pitch?

The writers of fake reviews want to please their client so much that their good feedback turns into sales writing to get others to buy.

work-break-computer-gardenDetails of the Product

All good and genuine reviews will have details of the product. This is something you will need to check each review for.

If it is just a general overview then there are possibilities that the product hasn’t even been used by the reviewer. Those who have positive (or even negative) experiences will want to share everything.

paying-online-computer-laptop-credit-cardWhen Everything Seems Too Easy

Do the reviews tell you that you can get results within weeks or does everything seem too easy?

These are signs that the reviews have been written for show. Watch out for them. Remember if something seems too good to be true, it usually is!

calendarHow Old Are the Reviews

You may find that there are a lot of negative reviews in the past but recently they have turned positive.

This isn’t always a sign that they are fake. It could be that the company has changed direction for the better. Do some research into the news reports to find out more.

mother-computer-child-laptop2Has the Same Person Reviewed Other Companies

People who review many companies on a regular basis are doing it as a service to help others.

The only time people tend to write on off reviews is when they are unhappy with a service and their complaints haven’t done anything. Those who write good reviews may just be starting out but they may also be writing fake ones for pay.

internet-computer-laptop2Look for the Details

Whether you’re reading a positive or negative one, look for the details.

Competitors may try affect the positive reputation of a company by hiring someone to write something negative but these writers tend not to go into detail.

Disregard them and look for why people believe a service is good or bad.

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