Why You Shouldn’t Have a Smartphone

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Smartphone

The whole world has gone smartphone mad. With the recent release of the Apple iPhone 5S and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, people want the latest gadgets with the newest technology. The problem with having a smartphone is that you remain connected to the world. There are actually benefits of having a traditional phone that rings.

woman-smartphoneYou’re Not Tempted by the Apps

There are so many apps available that they can be tempting. Some of those are free, so will just waste time, but others are available at a cost.

If you find yourself tempted by them, you may end up spending more than you really can from your budget without realising. It’s often best just to remain away from them.

budget-piggybank-moneySave Money on Electricity

Smartphones don’t tend to hold their battery for long. They are on 24 hours a day and in constant use.

If you have a lot of free apps, they will really ruin your battery power because of all the ads and constant screen us. It leads to high electricity bills since they need changing more than traditional phones.

women-smartphoneYou Become Unsociable

There is always something to do on a smartphone. This could be checking your Facebook account, looking on Twitter for the latest news or constantly replying to emails.

You end up being unsociable, even when out with friends. It’s amazing how many people are in a group but most are on their phone! It’s bad enough with people texting you.

sleep-eye-maskYou Get the Sleep You Need

Your phone could constantly go off through the night, especially if you run a business. It makes it harder to get to sleep, as you may feel the need to reply quickly.

By avoiding the smartphone altogether, your brain will switch off and you’ll find it easier to sleep and bring the current day to a close.

money-savingsIt Works Out Cheaper in the Long Run

Smartphones are expensive. They are often in their hundreds without a SIM and can cost thousands when you get them on contract.

The traditional phones are easier and cheaper to make so they cost less. You could pick one up for a few pounds and not have to worry about a monthly charge apart from your calls.

woman-smartphone3Less Likely to Have It Stolen

People want smartphones so much that they’re stealing them. iPhones are at the top of the list for many but they’re not the only ones.

If you have a traditional phone that basically calls and texts, others won’t want it so you’ll find the theft rate is lowered. You’ll also find your insurance costs are lower.

woman-smartphone2Less Prone to Damage

With the amount of fine technology used in smartphones, they are more prone to damage. The screens can crack from one drop or by sitting on it accidentally.

With the older phones, they were created to last. In fact, many people will find their old Nokia 3210 will still work 15 years on from its release!

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