Choosing Your Bridesmaids: Who Should Be Your Main Girls?

Choosing Your Bridesmaids: Who Should Be Your Main Girls?

Choosing your bridesmaids is something all brides have to do. You may decide to have one or two or you may have a long list of friends who you want to be part of your big day. Some brides worry about how their friends will take not being asked but remember this is your big day. To help you, here are some tips on choosing your bridesmaids.

bridesmaids-wedding2You Don’t Need All Your Female Family Members

Just because you have a shed load of female cousins doesn’t mean you have to include them in your bridal party.

If you have one or two who you are very close to, then by all means, include them but family doesn’t always trump close friends!

The one family member you will have to consider carefully is your sister (if you have one). Make sure she (or they!) have a special part in your day.

bridesmaids-weddingIncluding Your Partner’s Siblings

You don’t have to include your partner’s sister if you don’t get along but it is expected.

Most brides will choose their husband’s sisters and find a special part because they do form close bonds but there are some who have very different tastes.

Consider your friendship with your partner’s family and how close they are.

bridesmaids-wedding3Those High School Friends

Do you still talk to your high school friends? Most brides say no but you may have one or two that you are still close to. Most of the time you will find college friends are at the top of your list, though.

You don’t have to include your old high school best friend unless you are still best friends now. Chatting just on Facebook doesn’t count (unless of course you live miles away!)

bridesmaids-wedding4Choose People You Can Rely On

Your bridal party will organise a lot for you. Some will organise your hen do while others will make sure you are ready for your big day.

You want people you can rely on throughout the day to help keep you calm and make sure you look your best. You also want bridesmaids who are willing to do silly things so you don’t embarrass yourself!

bridesmaids-wedding5Choose People Who Will Help You

There are a lot of decisions to make during the planning of your wedding. You will need to book a venue, a DJ and organise the food.

It is a lot for two people to take on so you need a team of bridesmaids who will help you with this process. This links in with people you can rely on since you need to trust them but they also need to be willing to help!

bride-bridesmaids-weddingYou Don’t Have to Have Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are not compulsory. Not all brides want them in their party because there is nobody they trust enough.

Don’t let your friends pressure you into this decision. Be happy with the day that you have.

bride-bridesmaids-wedding-childrenHaving Children Bridesmaids

You don’t have to have flower girls but they are often a good option if you don’t want adult bridesmaids.

They add the cute factor and are youngsters the British royal family always adds into weddings!

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