Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Spend Your Wedding Day with Nature

Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Spend Your Wedding Day with Nature

Who said weddings had to be indoors? If the weather is favourable, why not enjoy the day outside. There are some great outdoor wedding ideas around and some are more out-there than you would originally think. Are you daring enough to try some of these?

tropical-weddingGet Married on the Beach

Let’s start with a safer one—on the beach. This is an idea that many people choose. It’s harder to have your whole day out here but it’s great for the ceremony, beautiful pictures and that moonlight stroll.

Most beaches will have some type of venue for your wedding breakfast and evening do.

wedding-gardenHost It in a Stately Home Garden

Or you could do this in your own garden if it is big enough. Stately homes are great ideas for weddings but your guests are often stuck inside.

There is a lot of beautiful scenery around these venues, whether it is overlooking the town behind or within the gardens themselves. If you can’t afford the venue, you could take your wedding to your own back garden to keep the cost down.

Woods-wedding-fallIn the Woods

Invite your guests to your wedding in the woods. This is a really great way to bring nature into your day and excellent for those who love hiking and other adventurous sports.

It’s also often a favourite for pagans, wiccans and other nature-based religions. If you really want to get daring, why not do your wedding in the nude! You’ll need to make sure your whole bridal party and the person marrying you is happy with this though!

wedding-lakeA Cabin by a Lake

Or any cabin really. Instead of finding the most expensive venue in the area, consider renting out a cabin.

You could hold the wedding outside and then move indoors when it gets colder or if the weather closes in. You have more control over timing and photos by renting a cabin too, since the owner is less likely to be there.

wedding-boatGet Married on a Boat

How about you take your wedding out to sea? This is really great if you want an international wedding but can’t get the license—you get out to the sea area that you can marry in!

Captains can marry people legally, which is always worth considering at the same time, and you just add a different twist to your day. However, you’ll want to check the type of weather expected! The last thing you want is to end up soaked due to a storm.

BarnyardBarnyard Wedding Ideas

You could always throw your wedding on a farm—excellent if you live on one, work on one or have a strong connection to this type of work. The barn is a great place to set up the food, as long as the animals are out of the way!

And you will get a lot of space for everyone to run around and dance. Chances are there will be no-one around to annoy while you’re partying all night!

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