Planning A Wedding On a Budget

Planning A Wedding On a Budget

A couple really wants to get married, but the problem is that they do not have a lot money for a wedding. A wedding can be nice even if the couple does not have unlimited funds. Getting married does not have to cost a fortune if it is done in the right way. Here is more information on how to have a nice wedding even with the smallest of budgets.

wedding-flowersHave an Off Season Wedding:

Typically, people get married between the months of May to September. During these four months, florists, caterers, photographers are booked solid.

If a couple has their wedding before May and after September, they may find someone who is really needing work, and may give them a huge discount just to get their business.

wedding-bride-dressShopping for a Wedding Dress:

If there is an outlet mall close by, a woman may find the perfect wedding dress there.

During the off season, some dress shops slash the prices of their wedding dresses just to get rid of them and make room for the new inventory.

A woman might get the wedding dress of her dreams at a very low price.

wedding-bride-groom-bouquetAn Inexpensive Bouquet:

Instead of looking into a florist, the flowers from a grocery store can be just as beautiful as the ones a professional flower shop may offer.

Some grocery stores sell bouquets of flowers for around $10 to $20 dollars for a big bouquet.

A bride can spend very little money, but still get a beautiful bouquet of fragrant flowers to carry on her special day.

wedding-gardenLook Into an Outdoor Wedding:

A couple who wants to have their own special wedding should look into having it outside.

A wedding before May would be a spring wedding, and some locations have nice cool weather in those months. A wedding that takes place after September means the weather will be fall-like, which can also mean cool weather without being too hot or cold.

With a natural setting, the decorations are mostly provided by Mother Nature, and a large tent with tables and chairs will not cost a lot of money to rent.

Wedding-receptionMake the Wedding Meal a Potluck Affair:

The bride and groom have a lot of family members and friends who want to help with the wedding. To make the wedding a very special occasion, the friends and family can be asked to bring their favorite dish.

Everyone can sit down outside in the fresh air and eat a lot of different dishes have been prepared by people who mean a lot to the bride and groom.

photographer-hobby-cameraAsk Friends To Take Pictures:

If a photographer is still to expensive even in the off season, then there is a creative way to get all the photographs a couple could possibly want.

Everyone has a cell phone that takes both picture and videos, so a couple asking everyone to take picture and videos, and sending them through email, can be a fun and inexpensive way to get a ton of pictures of the special day.

wedding-cakeThe Wedding Cake:

A wedding cake that has three tiers can cost a lot of money. Many bakeries charge a lot of money to make a cake with multiple tiers. The truth is, a cake is a cake whether it is a flat cake or one that is tiered.

For half the cost, a couple can get a sheet cake decorated any way they want for $50 dollars, which is a lot cheaper than the hundreds of dollars for a tiered wedding cake.

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