Simple Centrepieces for Weddings

Simple Centrepieces for Weddings

As your wedding gets closer, it’s time to start thinking about the details. The centrepieces for weddings are really important but they can cost a fortune. The good news is they don’t have to. With these great ideas, you could easily have the perfect wedding on a budget.

Put a Few Stones in a Bottle or Jar

If you’re opting for a beach wedding, bring part of the beach to the venue when you have your meal—unless you’re risking it on the beach with the sand getting into your food! Get a few bottles or jars and fill them with different coloured stones and shells. You could even add a candle or two on top or within the stones for stability and beauty.

A Few Fabric Roses in a Jar

Real roses look great but they can be expensive and they die after a while. Instead, consider getting some fabric roses—or other flowers that you enjoy—and placing them in a jar or vase. These are then placed in the middle of tables. If you want real ones, you can opt for that, of course.

Photos of Your Friends

Why not make your centrepieces personal? Find photos of the people sitting at each table and create a collage. They will all have something to talk about. It could be reminiscing about when the photo was taken or sharing stories with those that they haven’t met before. This is really simple and all you really need to buy are the photo frames.


Candles in Ornate Stands

There are many places to buy beautiful stands from now without having to spend a lot. Adding a candle on the top of them will make them into attractive centrepieces for weddings. You could opt for stands in a neutral colour or find them to match your wedding colours. Candles are also available in different colours and even different scents!

Glasses with Water Lilies

Water lilies make gorgeous centrepieces. You just need one or two per table and they can be placed into small glasses that you would usually drink out of. Not only do you get great centrepieces but you can reuse the glasses after your wedding!

DIY Vases for Flowers

So, you’ve decided on flowers but what about the vase to put them in? Instead of going out to buy them, why not make your own? While this can be fiddly, it will add a personal touch and will work out cheaper. Everyone will want to know where you bought the vases from and may even ask you to create them for their wedding.

Mini Birdcages for Candles

If you like candles, you could always opt for mini birdcages to put them in. These are also great for rose petals if you want to stay away from anything with fire for safety reasons. The bird cages are affordable and come in different sizes to suit all your needs, whether you want tiny ones to act as decorations or large ones to place the candles inside.

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