The Best Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

The Best Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

As you think more about the details, you will start considering the music for your big day. There are different sections of the wedding that you need to think about music for: your wedding ceremony, hymns if you have a church wedding and your first dance are just three of them. Here are some of the best wedding songs.

wedding-music-pianoSongs that Mean Something to You

Start off thinking about the songs that mean something to the two of you. It’s really important to put a personal touch on your wedding day—after all, it is all about the two of you.

Your first dance really should be a song that you both love. Does it need to be about love? Of course not! It could be a song from your favourite movie and you can put a dance routine to it!

outdoor-weddingClassical Music for the Bride’s Entrance

Many brides will choose to have Pachelbel’s Canon for the bridal entrance. While it is a great classical song, that doesn’t mean you need to choose it.

There are many classical songs that are beautiful and offer the perfect tempo for the bride to make her entrance. Some brides choose Greensleeves while others will pick Moonlight Sonata.

wedding-gardenWedding Music from the Movies

Go through the movies and see the types of songs that have been played. In many cases, music is specifically composed for music scenes and then available on the sound tracks.

You could have Bella’s song from Twilight or the music from the secret wedding scene in Braveheart. It’s best to choose music that still means something to you as a couple.

marriage-wedding-coupleOpt for Something Ironic

If you really want to have a laugh on your big day, why not opt for ironic songs. Get your guests laughing at your choice, as you opt for “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” or “Another One Bites the Dust”.

I wouldn’t suggest them as your first dance, but they could make great options for leaving the ceremony!

tropical-weddingPick Hymns That You Love

There’s no point having traditional hymns if you really don’t like them. Just because everyone else has All Things Bright and Beautiful doesn’t mean that you have to too.

Go through the hymns that you enjoy—just make sure that someone in the church knows them.

piano-handsGet a Special Person to Sing for You

If you know a singer in your church, family or among your friends, consider asking them to sing a song.

You may be limited to the ones that he or she knows, but there will be some of the best wedding songs in there. This is great entertainment while signing the register.

bride-bridesmaids-weddingSomething that Will Get Everyone On Their Feet

Who said that your wedding has to be traditional? You may want the first dance to have everyone involved or get everyone on their feet as you leave the ceremony.

The best thing is to find songs that will get people up dancing. You could even dance back down the aisle!

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