The Wedding Rules that You Don’t Need to Follow

The Wedding Rules that You Don’t Need to Follow

Are you fed up of hearing that you have to wear a white dress or you need to hand out favours to your guests? There are so many “rules” surrounding weddings that you can feel like it will never become your own. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about that. Here are some rules that you can break to make your day something special.

bride-wedding-dressYou Don’t Need to Wear White

The bride is always expected to wear white at the wedding. However, this only became tradition when Queen Victoria married. Before then, any colour was appropriate.

Instead of focusing on the white tradition, opt for a colour that means something to you. It could be part of your colour scheme or to match a time period that you’re following.

wedding-moneyIt Doesn’t Matter Who Pays

Traditionally, the bride’s family paid for everything. However, they also had a lot of control over the venue, the decorations and the day in general. This doesn’t have to be the case for you.

You could decide that you and your partner will pay for the day. You may split the budget between both parents. The choice is up to you.

best-man-success-businessYou Choose Who the Wedding Party Is

The best man has to be male and the maid of honour needs to be your best female friend. Those are rules that you can change.

Have a female member of the family walk you down the aisle or choose your male best friend to be your “maid of honour”. It’s your day; don’t let tradition get in the way.

money-euro-giftAsking for Cash Is Acceptable

Most couples have now lived together for many years and have all the household items that they need.

You can ask for no gifts at all or request cash instead. Some guests will want to give you something though, so don’t expect everyone to follow your wishes!

wedding-ringYou Don’t Need the Traditional Rings

Rings have always been important in weddings. However, not everyone likes them.

The idea is that they are circular with no gap—they never end, just like the marriage shouldn’t. If you’re not a fan of rings, you could opt for chains, bracelets or others signs of your marriage.

wedding-cupcakesWedding Cakes Are No Longer a Must Have

Wedding cakes look grand but cause problems. Do your guests really want fruit cake? Instead, consider having cupcakes, a wedding cookie or a range of muffins that you’ve baked.

These can help you cut down on cost and will be suitable for all your guests. And you won’t have a lot left over at the end!

wedding-guestsYou Don’t Need to Invite Your Whole Family

Just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean everyone needs to come. You could invite close friends and family only—the people who really care about your big day.

You could even just have a couple of witnesses and that’s it. Remember that this day is all about you and your partner; no-one else!

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