Simple Tips for Handling Your Business Emails

Simple Tips for Handling Your Business Emails

Whether you run a business or need to handle things for work, email can become a pain. You need to keep your email inbox organised and answer all the messages that come through in the right way. It can become time consuming. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some tips to help you handle your business emails.

Check Them Periodically

Checking emails as soon as they come through will distract you and cause time management problems. There isn’t any need to check emails right away, but you need to do it periodically. You could check them after every hour that you work or you may wait for just after lunch to do the replying. Set a schedule that works for you.

Clear Them at the End of the Day

woman-typingJust before you leave the office, clear your email inbox. Answer all those that you need to and delete the stuff that isn’t necessary.

This will mean that you can go home without worrying about your emails piling up the next day.

Check Them First Thing

The first thing you want to do when you reach the office is clear out your emails. Go through the ones that came through during the evening and night and reply to anything that you need to.

Delete everything once you don’t need them and store those for checking on if this is a necessity. Now you can start your day with a clean slate and not worry about your emails throughout the day.

Be Prompt at Replying

You want to set a schedule to check your emails at least every two hours during your business hours. If you take hours to reply to someone, it makes you look unprofessional and can lead to potential customers looking elsewhere. If they email out of business hours, they will understand that it takes you longer.

Read the Details

Always check the details of the emails and never assume something based on the subject line. It’s really common to skim read because you want to get through all the emails you have as quickly as possible. However, you could miss a vital piece of information. Not reading the email in full and making assumptions that are wrong will just make you look unprofessional and that you don’t care.

Avoid Being Too Personal

writing-emailYou never want to get too personal when it comes to business emails. Your boss doesn’t want to know what you got up to last night and your customers don’t need to know why you’re having such a bad day.

Keep your private life out of work, just as you’d expect others to do for you.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

It is now possible to set up spelling and grammar checks on most email clients. You really want to do this and read through your emails for anything the checks miss out.

Having good spelling and grammar is extremely important in business emails. It makes you look professional, knowledgeable and good at communicating.

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