The Top Career Resolutions of 2014

The Top Career Resolutions of 2014

Do you get into a habit of making career resolutions? Have you done it in the past but failed to stick to them? 2014 could be different for you. The trick is to working on improving your satisfaction in your career. Here are some of the best resolutions you could make this year.

social-networkingNetwork More to Open More Doors

You’ve heard that networking is good for your career but you’ve never given it much thought. While 2014 is the time to network more.

It will open many more doors for you: there is truth in the saying that it’s not what you know but who you know. This gives you the chance to learn more about opportunities and development abilities.

gossip-office-quiet-workStop Gossiping in the Office

Do you find yourself one of those spreading the office gossip around? You will get a name for that and that affects your job prospects.

The next time you find out something juicy or suspect that something is happening around the office, keep it to yourself. If you find yourself pulled into the gossip, politely decline to comment and get on with your day.

working-woman-officeCould You Switch Jobs?

Is this the time to think about switching jobs? There are new employment prospects coming up, so it really could be your year.

If you’re not happy in your current role or want to get more out of life, consider making a switch in your career. It could even be a time to think about changing your career completely and learn something new.

cv-resume-jobGet Your CV Up to Date

Your CV is the most important part of getting a job. It is that highlight into your work life and experience to see if you have the skills and abilities to do a job well.

Make sure you keep it up to date and fix any problems within it.

Woman-studying-reading-work-computer-bookExpand Your Knowledge

Whether it is within your current role or to change jobs, spend 2014 improving your knowledge, skills and understanding. There are different ways to do this.

You may want to take courses through distance learning or talk to your employer about doing professional courses. This is something to discuss about during your work reviews, especially how it will help the company. However, don’t mention it if it’s so you can switch jobs.

Business-Woman-workDiscuss Your Employment Goals

There are high chances you want to further your career so you’re happy with your job. One way to do that is by setting some employment goals and discuss them at your reviews.

This is a great chance for your boss to see what you want out of your job and what you can offer the business.

smiling-woman-carpet-homeGet a good Work/Life Balance

One of the biggest complaints is spending too much time at work. Make 2014 the year you get that work/life balance. You need to spend time with your family and friends, and even time to yourself.

This will involve turning down overtime now and then and finding ways to fit everything perfectly into your life.

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