Don’t Let the Summer Holidays Destroy Your Budget

Don’t Let the Summer Holidays Destroy Your Budget

Sticking to a budget while the kids are in school is easy. The problem comes when it’s the summer holidays. The sun is shining and children don’t want to be stuck in the house. Even if you have a garden, they can find it boring after a while. They want to do stuff and it usually leads to costing a fortune. Here are a few ideas to save money during the summer holidays.

holiday-budgetCreate a Budget Specifically for the Summer

You will probably need to spend a little more during the holidays than you would when the children are at school.

Take a look at your current budget and make a few changes specifically for the summer. Change the amounts that you would usually save for the future and look at using some of it for day trips.

family-tripUse Your Savings

You’ve saved up for a reason and one of those is for “rainy days”. Use the money for outings and trips to things that your children would like to do.

That doesn’t mean blow all the money though. Consider the costs and spread the money throughout the summer.

family-parkLook for Free Activities

You don’t have to spend money to have fun. Look out for free activities.

You may have parades in your area, carnivals that don’t have an entry fee or even museums and art galleries that have no admission charge.

These can be great fun for children and will really help to save on your budget.

making-lunchboxPack Your Lunch

If you’re going out and it coincides with a meal, plan ahead. Take a packed lunch and some drinks with you—eating out is expensive!

This will often stop complaints of being hungry or thirsty and will avoid issues of having to look out for the healthiest and most affordable places to eat.

planning-summer-green-hatPlan Activities Ahead

Don’t do all the favourite activities at the start of the summer months. Spread them out throughout the summer and plan everything ahead.

This helps your children have something to look forward and means they’re less likely to complain about being bored during the vacation. It will also help to spread out your activities to help manage your budget.

soccer-ballBuy Sporting Equipment

There are plenty of places to buy sporting equipment from online and in stores. They don’t have to be high-end; a few plastic rounders rackets, cricket sets and some footballs will be perfect.

Having this sort of equipment for the garden will give your children something to do whenever the weather is great. You can also take them to the park with you to get out of the house.

family-playingRemember the Rainy Days

The sun won’t always shine so it’s important to think about those days that you’re going to be stuck in the house.

This doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t need to sit the kids in front of the TV. Get some arts and crafts supplies and find things that you can all do together.

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