Tips to Stay Safe While on Holiday

Tips to Stay Safe While on Holiday

Females are more at risk while on holiday than men. When you are away, especially if you are travelling with other women or alone, you need to do everything you can to remain safe. This will help to avoid the unwanted attention from men and losing your money while away. Here are seven tips all women should follow.

ironing-clothesDress Conservatively

It may be hot where you’re going but avoid showing off too much skin. This is going to get you the attention that you don’t want, whether you’re showing off cleavage or your legs. Dress in light clothing for the weather and dresses conservatively. If you are going out or to the beach, have some to cover up while you’re walking around.

sunglassesWear Sunglasses

This not only protects your eyes from the sun but will help you avoid eye contact. Eye contact is one way of getting noticed, whether for attention or because people think you’re watching them suspiciously. If you don’t have a pair of sunglasses or it is dark out, try to avoid eye contact as much as possible when you’re not talking to someone – some countries view it as flirting and an invitation.

travel-aloneDon’t Admit to Travelling Alone

If you are travelling alone, don’t tell people. Let them know you are waiting for someone. If you’re travelling as a group of girls, tell people that you’re waiting for your boyfriends to get there or call you. You can always leave the place if the others don’t leave first.

woman-typingResearch the Accommodation

Don’t book accommodation simply because it is the cheapest. In some countries this is the most dangerous thing you can do. Take some time to research the areas where the hotels are situated and find out about their crime rates. This not only helps to avoid being mugged while out but will lower the risk of your hotel room being broken into.

credit-cardDon’t Go Out with All Your Money

Avoid taking all the money out with you. Place some in the safe in the hotel or take your own safe with you if you must. If you do get mugged, by having a small amount of cash, you won’t lose everything. It’s also worth avoiding going out without your passport apart from when travelling over borders to avoid that being stolen if you are mugged.

women-drinkWatch Your Drinks While Out

Women are more likely to have their drinks spiked than men. If someone offers to buy you a drink and you accept, make sure you watch it at all times and don’t allow them to go to the bar for you. Keep your drink with you at all times. If it has been left unattended, buy another drink.

confidenceAlways Show Confidence

Never show that you’re lost and never appear timid. Show off your confidence and people are less likely to bother you or try to scam you. If you do get lost and need directions, find a store that you can go in to instead of a random person on the street.

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